Wednesday, 6 July 2016

New Chapter - Arduino : Introduction

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It all started when #bff got a Raspberry Pi (yums!) trying to ride the Internet-of-Things (IoT) wave. I scared if I buy one it'll go wasted after I play with it for awhile so I didn't follow.

Side note: I remember when I talked Pi with Kuan, both Yin and Jann thought it's pie but they know it's not that simple so they dare not to ask/join in to our conversation

One night, #bff told me she felt like wanted to get involved in Arduino also, and asked me if I wanted one.

My Uno

Here's where we got it but I think the seller updated the latest product at the page already.
Well, just thought we could try out cheap Chinano first so we won't feel a burn in the pocket when we abandon stop playing with it.
But of course, to do a lil bit more than the simplest program, other components ie a breadboard, jumper cables, LEDs and resistors are needed so it is better to order them together with the Arduino.

(ps: YERRR I got my feelings cheated! Item described PINK LED but I got WHITE LED )

BE WARNED YO! Although things purchased from eBay are cheap but the shipping could be very slow - I got my Uno after 1 month placing the order while I think my Uno casing is lost in the sea wtf.

The first thing le #bff told me before I got my Uno is to get to know the general precautions of handling an electronic component so I don't short circuit it wtf.

Compared to Raspberry Pi, Arduino is much easier to learn coz it doesn't have an OS like Pi and you can spare yourself from the installation trouble - just go through Arduino's official page, their one-stop information centre or straightaway download their IDE here and TADAA! Start coding already woots!

The simplest program

Note that the Uno has a default LED on PIN-13, so if you just load the Blink program to it without any edits, it should be blinking like above example clip - assuming you got all the settings and port correct. Yep! Blinking an LED is the first lesson to program in Arduino.

So try to be creative yo! There are more things you can do with those additional components: traffic lights, marquee lights etc etc. When you've mastered it, then you can start checking out shields and/or sensors already!
Traffic Light

Coming up next:
Clockwise from the top:
LCD 2004 with I2C backpack
Prototype Shield with a mini breadboard

DisclaimerThis is not a sponsored post. The links are the origins of where the components were ordered.
I'm paying with what I can afford. Contact me for donation (or send me an original) if you wanna help me to support originals!!!
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Monday, 22 February 2016

I Iz Back Update

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Shit I haven't been update for like... 2 YEARS ZOMG and my Japan Trip posts is abandoned just like that I shall slowly and quietly leave it as it is

Actually I did update bit by bit in another blog Imma let you ownself search for it

First entry of the year geez! Zomg what have I done all these while
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Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Osaka Getaway Day 3: Kansai 关西 31/3/2014

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Another posing failed of #ootd ahaha.

腿长果然就是不一样 *郁闷中*

This day we're gonna use Osaka Unlimited Pass to play! All the tourist spots I mentioned below are bao-ed in the pass itself.
Osaka Unlimited Pass - Kansai Edition

1st Stop: Osaka Castle
Osaka Castle Map

Osaka castle view at the outside

And then we tried some 诗情画意 mia picha hahaha:

Aiyah. Let Yin photobomb-ed me tim

Castle gate

Before reaching the castle:
Just playing around heh
With sakura tree.
My picha let people photobomb again wtf

Now the infamous Osaka Castle!
View from far
View from near
Whatever decor they have around the castle

Waiting for our turn to get into the castle.
The tour starts from the top.
Whatever views taken from within the castle
Osaka Castle 3D map

2nd Stop: Onsen!
Naniwa No Yu
Located near Tenjinbashi-suji Roku-chome Station [天神桥六丁目駅]

No picha for onsen ya coz everyone naked naked inside (好害羞 )

3rd Stop: Sanbangai
After the onsen, we head to Sanbangai for lunch! It's at the Umeda Station [梅田駅].
Sweet tofu udon ♥ I likey ^^

4th Stop: Umeda Sky Building / Floating Garden Observatory
From bottom
Admission ticket
The Guide.
I wonder how many tourists can read Japanese?
Views from the Observatory Tower
Super slanted escalator wtf

Photobooth lol
Tempozan Ferris Wheel!
We planned to go there after the observatory tower but unfortunately we were lost.

5th Stop: Tempozan Ferris Wheel & Santa Maria Ship
Skipped the ferris wheel to rush for Santa Maria ship at 4pm but too bad it's already 4pm by the time we reached the station (Last sail is 4pm). Had to skip it too.

6th Stop: Osaka Prefectural Government Sakishima Building Observatory [大阪府咲洲庁舎]
We leisurely took the train and went to another observatory. Jann said it's famous for the night view. We only stayed till sunset.
Yin's tired face haha
"I don't wanna walk anymore!!!"

When we're in the observatory tower, we took some "artistic" picha again haha:

I look very 狼狈 haiy.

Some setup for photoshooting

7th Stop: Natural Open-Air Hot Springs Spa Suminoe
It's super cold at night we had to stop for dinner before onsen.

And again, no picha inside coz we get naked naked again

- To be continue... -
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