Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Last Day

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NO~~~ Tomorrow is the last day of the month and the last day of the year already!!! ~>_<~ That means 1st of Jan is the last day I'll be in my home sweet home and will go back at the next day!!! Oh no oh no oh no... I hate this... When I started to settle down myself in one place already and I'm going to leave the place very soon!!! >< My laptop had already nicely set on the table and I can use it whenever I want, my clothes all nicely placed in my wardrobe (literally :p) and books I borrowed from my friend... Now I have to return all the books to Kuan, pack all my clothes needed in the luggage and keep my laptop and all its accessories... And yet I'm still sooooo reluctant to pack my luggage now... T_T I think I'm having a phobia of going back to that island... Otherwise I won't have such nightmares... In the nightmares I always forgot to bring my room key or something else, or having the wrong time table, or just feel panic... Yer... I don't want to go back la... T_T p/s: Happy New Year, friends... Goodbye... wuwu... ~>_<~
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Monday, 28 December 2009


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Finally done my registration liao... Whew... UN 00402 Bahasa Cina Lanjutan 1 is in the registration list le... IT 01203 Keusahawanan Dalam Teknologi is full, so have to wait the academic department to arrange another class for it... For IT 01103, the course should be "Etika & Profesionalisme Objek" but in the registration list it's "Etika & Profesional Dalam Industri Teknologi Maklumat", the academic department said if the code is correct then should have no problem dy... Finally the results also published liao... Anyone want to check the time table, please check it at using IE...
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Saturday, 26 December 2009

Bad Mood!!!

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Daddy brought us to Genting because he had a free room in Genting and wanted to watch Frances Yip's concert there. We did our packing at Christmas eve... More precisely, after 12am on Christmas day. My mood was sooooo not good. Aih. Not happy with myself. >< I hate the road to Genting... It made me sick... Or izzit daddy's driving skills...? Wen was so happily snapping her own photos... I already not feeling well, and she kept asking me to pose so we can take photos together... But at the end none of it satisfied her... Haiz. >< Daddy said we still couldn't check in so we just walked around first... And we chose to stop at Baskin Robin and had ice creams each ^^ After having ice creams as lunch, we went to check in our room. It's a small room with only a twin bed. So pity daddy had to sleep on the floor while Kit had to sleep on the couch. :p It's really boring... Coz really nothing much to play... We went to have dinner at 5 something, and then played the basketball machine for around half an hour or so (It's around 7.30pm) and then daddy mommy sent us back to the room. Then they went for the concert le. So basically we just stayed in the room most of the time. Luckily I brought a book to read. Daddy mommy came back after the concert when Kit start making tuna sandwiches as supper. So we finished one and a half loaf of bread, 3 cans of tuna and 10 half boiled eggs... And then daddy mommy went out to casino, leaving us in the room again. Sien!!! This morning all of us woke up late, and only got down to have buffet breakfast at 10.30... The restaurant had nothing much to eat also. Aih. After we finished our breakfast then we checked out and came back le. Once again I hate the journey back. ><" Once I reached home, I started to do my course registration. The website was sooooo lag!!! Grrr... And Intermediate Mandarin is still not in the registration list!!! >< And where is our timetable??? All our subjects teras sekolah are not there!!! Bad mood bad mood!!!
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Thursday, 24 December 2009

PMR + Final Exam Results

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Li woke me up this morning... Thought can sleep longer de... Aih. My mom asked me to drive her to school to get her PMR results. Oh... Almost forgot le. My final exam's results also released today... After I checked, only C++ got A, ARW got A-. My major, E-commerce is the worst. C. Other than that, 2 B+, 1 B, 2 B-... Well, at least didn't fail. Wen's first final exam's results also better than me lo... (Hers was 3.85) We went to school at around 11... Li got her results. I saw Zhen Xiang also, he got 7A1B... Knew it from Yik Wei. Li got an A for her Maths. Wow. Miracle. 2 B and the rest C. Consider good for her level liao. :p My cousin Zi Cong also got straight A leh... Veron called me. Her results also better than me, an A and a C+, the rest A-... (If not mistaken...) C+ for E-commerce. So impossible. Her E-commerce deserved higher marks than that... Must be that lecturer. Most of my friends also got bad results for this subject. Haiz... Don't know how he gave marks de. Haiz... Our uni's website so bad de... Most of their results haven't post up yet... O.o Pity ah di. Tried for the whole day liao, still can't get to know her (Or 'his'???) results. Tomorrow Christmas go Genting play. But I think nothing much to play also. Sien. Think of my E-commerce also got no mood liao. Haiz......
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Friday, 18 December 2009

To UNITEN... Again

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Yesterday went to Kuan's school again... This time with Jann. Hehe. So as usual I went to Kuan's house in the morning, and she's still sleeping. I thought I can return her book 《亞森羅蘋選集》 to her if I manage to finish it right away (and I thought I could) so I read the book while waiting for her to wake up. But after she woke up I didn't want to read anymore (left around 50 pages... aih.) and just chat with her. After Jann arrived we went to Kuan's school le. When we reached the school, Kuan introduce us the buildings we saw (which I still don't know what buildings are that although I've already been there :p) and we stopped at the food court. She said the ikan bakar is nice. And stingy Jann treat us ikan bakar!!! Whoa... At least better than roti canai kosong + milo lo. After we finished the fishes, Kuan had to go to her class. So she brought us to where she's going to have the class, introduce us to her friends, and asked Gun to take us around the school. We told them we can walked around by ourselves but they're afraid we'll lost ourselves so they insisted to take us around. Chi Heng told us it's their first time to visit the places where they took us... Haha... Thanks to us. Gun was the driver and Chi Heng was the "tourist guide". We visited the abandoned horse stadium first. Nice. Wondered why they abandoned the place after they built it. Chi Heng said they suspected the place was "dirty". And we're lucky enough, we saw a horse ^_^ They said they never saw a horse around there. Haha. Then we visited the multipurpose hall (MPH, which I will always confused with the name everytime Kuan told us :p) and the gym inside (I didn't even visit my school's gym) and some other buildings. After an hour, Kuan called and said her class cancelled. So we went back to the food court nearby and she took over the task. I told her I wanted to get a drink from their vending machine (not really because I'm thirsty but because their vending machine sold can drinks at only RM1! XD) So she brought us to COE and we got a can of drink for ourselves ^_^ and walked around in BA. Then we asked her the direction to library so we could spend our time there while waiting for her for the next 2 hours (coz she still had class) When we're in the library, I found a book "How to speak dog". The book explained the dog's barks, body languages and facial expression! So 2 crazy people imitating dog's bark and laughed :p (we were just trying to figure out how the barks sounded) Hahahaha... Jann was so interested in that she even get a photocopy of that few pages. They do have lots of books. Aih. The library in my school only have 2 floors and the books are all academic use. Kuan met us at 4 after her class and we went to the food court to da bao kebab before we go home (because she said it's delicious). While they're placing the order my dad called. What he told me really boomed me... He asked me when I'm going home, coz it's late already and the clothes haven't wash yet, and his shirts are not iron yet... -.-" [PLEASE LA! My sis was at home why don't you ask her to do! ...] When we reached Kuan's house, I went to the kitchen and get us spoons and forks and AARRGGHH! Yik Wei cut her hair!!!!! O.o Everyone came and see after I shouted... And negative comments on her haircut. :p The kebab was not as delicious as we expected. Maybe it has to be eaten right after it's served. It's so hard to bite. Oh and please remind me Kuan owe me RM3. Hehe. Kuan posted the same in her blog too. Guess it's clearer to know where we visited if read her post. ^_^ p/s: Nicky that big mouth... My mom really open an account in facebook liao...
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Sunday, 6 December 2009

Walkabrella, 1Utama

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Today is the Walkabrella (an awareness-raising event for celebral palsy). Jann came to my house at 7am but I was still sleeping :p Couldn't wake up that early every Sunday... Yin couldn't go because she has got Baitiangong every Sunday while Kuan said she just came back from somewhere (I forgot le...) and reached home quite late, so she couldn't join us... We registered ourselves at the registration booth after we reached there. I met Cassey! (I wondered if I spelled her name correctly :p) my university friend (^_^) I hadn't seen any friends from my university since I came back from Labuan... My sis gave me another 2 tickets and I was able to claim another 2 goody bags and umbrellas! ^_^ I can bring one to my campus le... The sun there is sooooo strong and we can't live without an umbrella :p They are so semangat when the event was about to start...
Jann also very semangat o... Haha...
The walk was about to start...
We felt hungry coz we didn't have our breakfast (:p) so we bought nasi lemak at the roadside stall, then we went to 1Utama to have our food in A&W... We love their rootbeers! After that, we simply walked in the shopping mall... Do our window shopping... Played with the make ups... (XD) Both of us agreed that the mascara from L'oreal is better... ^_^ Then I saw MPH, so we walked in the bookstore too... We spent the rest of our time there to choose the materials for my cards (Hmm... New Year card is better, coz it's not enough time to make Christmas card le... Hehe...) Jann found a magazine about ballroom dancing, we're so amazed by the dresses and make overs displayed... And she bought it after considered for a long time. These already cost me for around RM20 le...
Just see if I have any time to make the cards la ^_^ p/s: Dang, the mascara is waterproof! >< Forgot to buy the make-up remover le...
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Friday, 4 December 2009


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Like I said, 2 days ago we went back to school to take our STPM cert... Jann couldn't book the tickets online so we decided to go to Times Square earlier to buy the tickets there. We reached school at 8 something and went to the church's toilet first... We didn't know the toilet cannot be used, just as we've done our "business" the cleaner ran in and shout at us... (o.O") After we came out we still can hear her voice shouting to the guard to complain... :p When we took our certs, Jann and Yin heard Pn Gan's voice (I didn't because 没有把她放在眼里了... kakaka) Felt like want to 光明正大的 speak mandarin in front of her le... hahaha... XD After we took our certs we walked to Times Square, but it's still closed... So we went into the 7-11 to enjoy the aircond (I was sweating all over x_x) but the worker there asked us to go out if we're not buying anything... So we went to the hotel, sat at there till Times Square is open... We saw some teenagers waiting in the lobby too and they're also waiting for Times Square to open! Time's up and we went into Times Square... The Christmas decoration was so nice! Jann afraid that 2012 tickets will sold out so we went straight to the cinema counter... And it's still closed. So we walked in the DVD store for awhile, then we went to the counter upstairs to check. And we managed to book the tickets! ^_^ After that we went to supermarket to buy some snacks... Walked around... And then went to the cinema le... So after 2 and a half hours sitting in the cinema, we went to the food court to have our lunch... Jann and I walked 3 rounds to see what we wanted to eat :p After lunch, we took some pics in Times Square...
We went back at around 4... Jann's mum sent me home, when she saw me, she said I looked "a bit more" matured le... T_T That means I looked older le... wa ~>_<~... And darker le... ~>_<~
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Saturday, 28 November 2009

Belated Birthday Gathering

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Yay~ My laptop is healed!!! Thanks for helping me ^_^ Last Wednesday, I went out with Jann and Kuan for Kuan's belated birthday gathering... (Hey Yin, you owe us two presents each, coz we've decided absentee will have to give double presents :p) I went to Kuan's house at around 7.30am, but she's still sleeping... Her mum told me she watched movies till midnight (O.o) Then, Jann told me we're not going to school to take our STPM cert le... We'll go sing k only... So, we go to mid valley straightaway. We booked a room in redbox to sing k at 1pm to 4pm first, while waiting for Kuan Nien to come, we walked around mid valley, checked out the sales in Robinson... (wee!~ ^_^) till nearly 1pm... But when we go back to redbox, the receptionist told us we need to have member card then only can enjoy student's rate... So we decided to just simply walk around... Haiz... Jann and Kuan took us to a pancake house, while sitting at there enjoying their food, Kuan Nien fixed my laptop... Yay~! Finally my laptop is healed ^_^ Yay yay yay yay yay... After our lunch, we visited the MPH bookstore and Kuan bought a book... Then we went back le... I stayed in Kuan's house before I go back, exchanging movies and I borrowed some books from her ^_^ Heehee... I can fill my holidays reading those books le ^_^ Hmm... Next wednesday we're going to take our STPM cert and watch 2012 ^_^ But this time with Yin, without Kuan. Aih... Either Kuan or Yin will absent from our gathering de... ><
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Monday, 23 November 2009

Walkabrella Charity Event

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My sis's college is organizing a charity event to raise awareness for celebral palsy. Following is the details: Date: 6th December 2009 (Sunday) Time: 7am-4pm Venue: Central Park, 1 Utama You just have to purchase a ticket for a mere RM10 and walk with an umbrella open on that day, you are already entitled to get a goody bag and the umbrella on that day itself! Isn't it good, killing two birds with a stone? =D After the walk, there are events like lucky draw, performances, games and etc... You may also want to visit the bazaar there! For more information, please visit or post your enquiries here... Hope to have your support! ^_^ Please spread to as many people as possible... Sharing is caring, helping is caring too!
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Friday, 20 November 2009

I'm Back!!!

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Thursday, 19 November 2009


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Yay!!! UPSR results is out!!! Guess what my brother got??? STRAIGHT As!!!!! Congratulations!!!!! Muaks!!!!! ^_^
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Thursday, 5 November 2009


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由于阿妈跟阿姐都在她们的 blog 上面写了我们的故事,我也来凑热闹吧。。。 是这样的,我 "活" 在这世界上这么久,竟然在考试前几个礼拜跟我的家人相认了! ~>_<~ 感动吧!!! 而且,真没想到,我阿妈是块屎喔!!! >< 我觉得阿妈很厉害喔,因为阿姐是猴子、熊猫和猪的结合,到底阿姐的阿爸是猴子,熊猫还是猪咧? o.O 阿妈自己也不知道。。。可怜的阿姐到现在都觉得自己禽兽都不如,还因为自己的身世很怕自己没人要,所以早早就已经在储钱买姑婆屋了。。。 据她们说,最惨最可怜是我啦。。。我从以前到现在都被人家说很像鬼,我也不想的。。。直到跟阿妈相认了之后才知道我阿爸是鬼喔!!! 难怪我会那么吓人,原来是遗传阿爸!!! 阿姐说就算现在科学多发达,也都不能肯定鬼的存在,哇。。。 T_T 我想,要找阿爸也有一定的难度吧,鬼可是透明的,想见也未必见得到。。。而且阿妈自己也忘记了她是怎么跟阿爸开始怎么发展的,所以我应该没有机会见我的阿爸了吧。。。呜呜。。。 我的阿弟算是比我们正常一点点吧,他只不过是长得像女生,性格像女生,跟女生一样喜欢男生而已。。。可是阿弟也很可怜,智商很低,阿妈说他这个叫弱智,并且因为生在这样不正常又不完整的家庭而造成童年障碍。。。阿姐怀疑阿弟的阿爸会不会是黑人,因为阿弟的皮肤黑黑的。。。反正之后一定又是忍不到阿妈的臭屎味而跑了吧! 唉。我们真可怜。 为了我们有父爱,阿妈有一天突然睡醒了就变成阿爸了! 很伟大是吧? 可是阿弟从此就更加错乱了。。。阿姐说他现在还因为没奶喝,生理跟心智都发育不良,而且还出现语无伦次的症状。。。阿弟居然还白痴到找阿妈的 "前夫" 做男朋友! 哇。。。这个算不算乱伦啊??? o.o" 唉......
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Sunday, 1 November 2009


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Good Luck to all my friends who are having final exam now... Best Wishes!!! Saw a phenomenon yesterday, rainbow color at the side of the big bright moon! A good omen =D I remember last time right before we had our first SPM paper, we saw rainbow too... And we got good results! ^_^ Okie. Go back to study now =D
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Sunday, 25 October 2009

October 25, 2009 (Sunday)

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I know we still have assignments to rush, but we just can't help relaxing in the last Sunday we have... Haha...
There are more in my facebook... *Coming up next... Study Week -> Final Exam!!! ><
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Tuesday, 20 October 2009


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Stuck with my C++... Sorry, my group members... I can't finish it in time... Sorry, Nicky, for troubling you... And thanks a lot for your help... I owe you a meal... Stupid milk coffee made me so not feeling well... ><
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Thursday, 8 October 2009

Program Anak Angkat + Happy Birthday in Advance ♥

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Tomorrow I'm going to join the co-curricular activity. Leaving tomorrow night and coming back on Sunday evening, probably... Tomorrow is having TITAS exam and I hardly touch the book... Have to burn the midnight oil today... Saturday is my lovely youngest sister's birthday. In case I will be too busy to do the program, I wish her a super duper happy birthday in advance and hope her PMR is going very well. ^_^♥ Gotta grab the book and start reading now...
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Saturday, 3 October 2009

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!!!

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Happy Mid-Autumn Festival / Mooncake Festival!!! Beautiful moon up on the sky =)
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Friday, 2 October 2009

A BIG Surprise ♥

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This afternoon I had a chat with Yin over the phone ♥ It's been a very very very very very long time since we chat. Even Jann also called me few days ago. I really wonder what is she busying... So happy that I got her ^_^ We talked for about half an hour only. Not really long... Haha. Coz last time when Kuan called me, we can talk for more than an hour. :p Anyway, she's not going to absent from our birthday gathering again. Not when we're all having holiday. Hey girl, you got me??? At night, Kuan told me she had a surprise for me... We switched on our webcam and Yin is there!!! Wha... We had another chat again ^_^ Hahaha... Really... A very very very very very very BIG surprise for me!!! p/s: It would be around 47 days to my sem break ^_^ I'm looking forward to it!!!
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Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Oh No

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Oh no... Don't know is it because of holiday, my hearings seems to deteriorate towards alarm clock! >.< Fortunately, I will still respond to sms. That means I can ask my friends to wake me up! Thanks ya ^_^ Sorry to trouble you :p
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Friday, 25 September 2009

Nice Dinner...

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Yesterday night went out to have dinner. Nice restaurant ^_^ Haha I'll just let the photos do the talking :p
^ Hehe... This is what I ordered... Char Cheong Mee ^_^ Not bad not bad...
^ This is tomyam chicken rice.
^ This is nasi lemak special. ^ Dessert... Creamy ^_^ This is milk flavoured. We ordered also strawberry's and green tea's. This dinner made me feel better ^_^ At least I don't have to eat all those can food, biscuits and etc... Haha. Time to go to bed. Sweetdreams :-)
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Thursday, 24 September 2009

Say No to TEA...

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Stupid. I shouldn't drink tea last night. I could only fall asleep at around 1am. Not long after that, Cai Yi sent a message that we can check our final exam timetable already. Uh oh. 2.45am. And after that, I couldn't go back to sleep. I twisted and turned on my bed for almost half an hour, and then I gave up forcing myself to sleep. No more tea at night. -.-"
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Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Hello ♪ ♫

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Wow... It's the first time I write blog :p I'm still editing the template haha... At least there's something I can do in this holiday other than assignments, movies and games... ^_^
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