Saturday, 28 November 2009

Belated Birthday Gathering

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Yay~ My laptop is healed!!! Thanks for helping me ^_^ Last Wednesday, I went out with Jann and Kuan for Kuan's belated birthday gathering... (Hey Yin, you owe us two presents each, coz we've decided absentee will have to give double presents :p) I went to Kuan's house at around 7.30am, but she's still sleeping... Her mum told me she watched movies till midnight (O.o) Then, Jann told me we're not going to school to take our STPM cert le... We'll go sing k only... So, we go to mid valley straightaway. We booked a room in redbox to sing k at 1pm to 4pm first, while waiting for Kuan Nien to come, we walked around mid valley, checked out the sales in Robinson... (wee!~ ^_^) till nearly 1pm... But when we go back to redbox, the receptionist told us we need to have member card then only can enjoy student's rate... So we decided to just simply walk around... Haiz... Jann and Kuan took us to a pancake house, while sitting at there enjoying their food, Kuan Nien fixed my laptop... Yay~! Finally my laptop is healed ^_^ Yay yay yay yay yay... After our lunch, we visited the MPH bookstore and Kuan bought a book... Then we went back le... I stayed in Kuan's house before I go back, exchanging movies and I borrowed some books from her ^_^ Heehee... I can fill my holidays reading those books le ^_^ Hmm... Next wednesday we're going to take our STPM cert and watch 2012 ^_^ But this time with Yin, without Kuan. Aih... Either Kuan or Yin will absent from our gathering de... ><
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Monday, 23 November 2009

Walkabrella Charity Event

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My sis's college is organizing a charity event to raise awareness for celebral palsy. Following is the details: Date: 6th December 2009 (Sunday) Time: 7am-4pm Venue: Central Park, 1 Utama You just have to purchase a ticket for a mere RM10 and walk with an umbrella open on that day, you are already entitled to get a goody bag and the umbrella on that day itself! Isn't it good, killing two birds with a stone? =D After the walk, there are events like lucky draw, performances, games and etc... You may also want to visit the bazaar there! For more information, please visit or post your enquiries here... Hope to have your support! ^_^ Please spread to as many people as possible... Sharing is caring, helping is caring too!
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Friday, 20 November 2009

I'm Back!!!

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Thursday, 19 November 2009


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Yay!!! UPSR results is out!!! Guess what my brother got??? STRAIGHT As!!!!! Congratulations!!!!! Muaks!!!!! ^_^
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Thursday, 5 November 2009


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由于阿妈跟阿姐都在她们的 blog 上面写了我们的故事,我也来凑热闹吧。。。 是这样的,我 "活" 在这世界上这么久,竟然在考试前几个礼拜跟我的家人相认了! ~>_<~ 感动吧!!! 而且,真没想到,我阿妈是块屎喔!!! >< 我觉得阿妈很厉害喔,因为阿姐是猴子、熊猫和猪的结合,到底阿姐的阿爸是猴子,熊猫还是猪咧? o.O 阿妈自己也不知道。。。可怜的阿姐到现在都觉得自己禽兽都不如,还因为自己的身世很怕自己没人要,所以早早就已经在储钱买姑婆屋了。。。 据她们说,最惨最可怜是我啦。。。我从以前到现在都被人家说很像鬼,我也不想的。。。直到跟阿妈相认了之后才知道我阿爸是鬼喔!!! 难怪我会那么吓人,原来是遗传阿爸!!! 阿姐说就算现在科学多发达,也都不能肯定鬼的存在,哇。。。 T_T 我想,要找阿爸也有一定的难度吧,鬼可是透明的,想见也未必见得到。。。而且阿妈自己也忘记了她是怎么跟阿爸开始怎么发展的,所以我应该没有机会见我的阿爸了吧。。。呜呜。。。 我的阿弟算是比我们正常一点点吧,他只不过是长得像女生,性格像女生,跟女生一样喜欢男生而已。。。可是阿弟也很可怜,智商很低,阿妈说他这个叫弱智,并且因为生在这样不正常又不完整的家庭而造成童年障碍。。。阿姐怀疑阿弟的阿爸会不会是黑人,因为阿弟的皮肤黑黑的。。。反正之后一定又是忍不到阿妈的臭屎味而跑了吧! 唉。我们真可怜。 为了我们有父爱,阿妈有一天突然睡醒了就变成阿爸了! 很伟大是吧? 可是阿弟从此就更加错乱了。。。阿姐说他现在还因为没奶喝,生理跟心智都发育不良,而且还出现语无伦次的症状。。。阿弟居然还白痴到找阿妈的 "前夫" 做男朋友! 哇。。。这个算不算乱伦啊??? o.o" 唉......
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Sunday, 1 November 2009


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Good Luck to all my friends who are having final exam now... Best Wishes!!! Saw a phenomenon yesterday, rainbow color at the side of the big bright moon! A good omen =D I remember last time right before we had our first SPM paper, we saw rainbow too... And we got good results! ^_^ Okie. Go back to study now =D
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