Saturday, 26 December 2009

Bad Mood!!!

Scribbled by Teddie Debbie at 15:05
Daddy brought us to Genting because he had a free room in Genting and wanted to watch Frances Yip's concert there. We did our packing at Christmas eve... More precisely, after 12am on Christmas day. My mood was sooooo not good. Aih. Not happy with myself. >< I hate the road to Genting... It made me sick... Or izzit daddy's driving skills...? Wen was so happily snapping her own photos... I already not feeling well, and she kept asking me to pose so we can take photos together... But at the end none of it satisfied her... Haiz. >< Daddy said we still couldn't check in so we just walked around first... And we chose to stop at Baskin Robin and had ice creams each ^^ After having ice creams as lunch, we went to check in our room. It's a small room with only a twin bed. So pity daddy had to sleep on the floor while Kit had to sleep on the couch. :p It's really boring... Coz really nothing much to play... We went to have dinner at 5 something, and then played the basketball machine for around half an hour or so (It's around 7.30pm) and then daddy mommy sent us back to the room. Then they went for the concert le. So basically we just stayed in the room most of the time. Luckily I brought a book to read. Daddy mommy came back after the concert when Kit start making tuna sandwiches as supper. So we finished one and a half loaf of bread, 3 cans of tuna and 10 half boiled eggs... And then daddy mommy went out to casino, leaving us in the room again. Sien!!! This morning all of us woke up late, and only got down to have buffet breakfast at 10.30... The restaurant had nothing much to eat also. Aih. After we finished our breakfast then we checked out and came back le. Once again I hate the journey back. ><" Once I reached home, I started to do my course registration. The website was sooooo lag!!! Grrr... And Intermediate Mandarin is still not in the registration list!!! >< And where is our timetable??? All our subjects teras sekolah are not there!!! Bad mood bad mood!!!
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