Friday, 4 December 2009


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Like I said, 2 days ago we went back to school to take our STPM cert... Jann couldn't book the tickets online so we decided to go to Times Square earlier to buy the tickets there. We reached school at 8 something and went to the church's toilet first... We didn't know the toilet cannot be used, just as we've done our "business" the cleaner ran in and shout at us... (o.O") After we came out we still can hear her voice shouting to the guard to complain... :p When we took our certs, Jann and Yin heard Pn Gan's voice (I didn't because 没有把她放在眼里了... kakaka) Felt like want to 光明正大的 speak mandarin in front of her le... hahaha... XD After we took our certs we walked to Times Square, but it's still closed... So we went into the 7-11 to enjoy the aircond (I was sweating all over x_x) but the worker there asked us to go out if we're not buying anything... So we went to the hotel, sat at there till Times Square is open... We saw some teenagers waiting in the lobby too and they're also waiting for Times Square to open! Time's up and we went into Times Square... The Christmas decoration was so nice! Jann afraid that 2012 tickets will sold out so we went straight to the cinema counter... And it's still closed. So we walked in the DVD store for awhile, then we went to the counter upstairs to check. And we managed to book the tickets! ^_^ After that we went to supermarket to buy some snacks... Walked around... And then went to the cinema le... So after 2 and a half hours sitting in the cinema, we went to the food court to have our lunch... Jann and I walked 3 rounds to see what we wanted to eat :p After lunch, we took some pics in Times Square...
We went back at around 4... Jann's mum sent me home, when she saw me, she said I looked "a bit more" matured le... T_T That means I looked older le... wa ~>_<~... And darker le... ~>_<~
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