Thursday, 24 December 2009

PMR + Final Exam Results

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Li woke me up this morning... Thought can sleep longer de... Aih. My mom asked me to drive her to school to get her PMR results. Oh... Almost forgot le. My final exam's results also released today... After I checked, only C++ got A, ARW got A-. My major, E-commerce is the worst. C. Other than that, 2 B+, 1 B, 2 B-... Well, at least didn't fail. Wen's first final exam's results also better than me lo... (Hers was 3.85) We went to school at around 11... Li got her results. I saw Zhen Xiang also, he got 7A1B... Knew it from Yik Wei. Li got an A for her Maths. Wow. Miracle. 2 B and the rest C. Consider good for her level liao. :p My cousin Zi Cong also got straight A leh... Veron called me. Her results also better than me, an A and a C+, the rest A-... (If not mistaken...) C+ for E-commerce. So impossible. Her E-commerce deserved higher marks than that... Must be that lecturer. Most of my friends also got bad results for this subject. Haiz... Don't know how he gave marks de. Haiz... Our uni's website so bad de... Most of their results haven't post up yet... O.o Pity ah di. Tried for the whole day liao, still can't get to know her (Or 'his'???) results. Tomorrow Christmas go Genting play. But I think nothing much to play also. Sien. Think of my E-commerce also got no mood liao. Haiz......
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