Friday, 18 December 2009

To UNITEN... Again

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Yesterday went to Kuan's school again... This time with Jann. Hehe. So as usual I went to Kuan's house in the morning, and she's still sleeping. I thought I can return her book 《亞森羅蘋選集》 to her if I manage to finish it right away (and I thought I could) so I read the book while waiting for her to wake up. But after she woke up I didn't want to read anymore (left around 50 pages... aih.) and just chat with her. After Jann arrived we went to Kuan's school le. When we reached the school, Kuan introduce us the buildings we saw (which I still don't know what buildings are that although I've already been there :p) and we stopped at the food court. She said the ikan bakar is nice. And stingy Jann treat us ikan bakar!!! Whoa... At least better than roti canai kosong + milo lo. After we finished the fishes, Kuan had to go to her class. So she brought us to where she's going to have the class, introduce us to her friends, and asked Gun to take us around the school. We told them we can walked around by ourselves but they're afraid we'll lost ourselves so they insisted to take us around. Chi Heng told us it's their first time to visit the places where they took us... Haha... Thanks to us. Gun was the driver and Chi Heng was the "tourist guide". We visited the abandoned horse stadium first. Nice. Wondered why they abandoned the place after they built it. Chi Heng said they suspected the place was "dirty". And we're lucky enough, we saw a horse ^_^ They said they never saw a horse around there. Haha. Then we visited the multipurpose hall (MPH, which I will always confused with the name everytime Kuan told us :p) and the gym inside (I didn't even visit my school's gym) and some other buildings. After an hour, Kuan called and said her class cancelled. So we went back to the food court nearby and she took over the task. I told her I wanted to get a drink from their vending machine (not really because I'm thirsty but because their vending machine sold can drinks at only RM1! XD) So she brought us to COE and we got a can of drink for ourselves ^_^ and walked around in BA. Then we asked her the direction to library so we could spend our time there while waiting for her for the next 2 hours (coz she still had class) When we're in the library, I found a book "How to speak dog". The book explained the dog's barks, body languages and facial expression! So 2 crazy people imitating dog's bark and laughed :p (we were just trying to figure out how the barks sounded) Hahahaha... Jann was so interested in that she even get a photocopy of that few pages. They do have lots of books. Aih. The library in my school only have 2 floors and the books are all academic use. Kuan met us at 4 after her class and we went to the food court to da bao kebab before we go home (because she said it's delicious). While they're placing the order my dad called. What he told me really boomed me... He asked me when I'm going home, coz it's late already and the clothes haven't wash yet, and his shirts are not iron yet... -.-" [PLEASE LA! My sis was at home why don't you ask her to do! ...] When we reached Kuan's house, I went to the kitchen and get us spoons and forks and AARRGGHH! Yik Wei cut her hair!!!!! O.o Everyone came and see after I shouted... And negative comments on her haircut. :p The kebab was not as delicious as we expected. Maybe it has to be eaten right after it's served. It's so hard to bite. Oh and please remind me Kuan owe me RM3. Hehe. Kuan posted the same in her blog too. Guess it's clearer to know where we visited if read her post. ^_^ p/s: Nicky that big mouth... My mom really open an account in facebook liao...
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Kuan 袀 said...

hahaha..the vending machine is in COE la.. the last building b4 u went to library is BA, the admin building. i see what happned when gun and chi heng took u girls walk around ah.. i posted the same post on my blog too. mainly bout wat happened in uni..kakakaka. hope u girls can come again nxt time! nxt time i gonna be a real good tour guide. if u dunwan me as tour guide also no prob, i could suggest u chi heng and gun :P

♫ ♪ ♥ synwei ♥ ♪ ♫ said...

hahaha... okie okie thanks for your correction... :p
next time bring me to the first vending machine you brought me to, coz it has got more choice... hehe ^^

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