Friday, 29 January 2010

What an island.

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It's already my habit to go to the balcony and look down to check the tangki's water level everyday after I woke up. Just now when I checked, the level-pointer reached "0". Dang. It's already been 2 days that they didn't fill the tangki with water in the morning. Started to feel regret coz I didn't fill all my empty bottles with water and now I only have a box of water bottles with water to wash my face every morning... T_T Ironically, the island is surrounded by water. Haiz. Weeks ago, it's been raining everyday. We couldn't find a minute that we're totally dry - All wet wherever we go as long as we're not in our room. Can't even wash our clothes or dry them if we've washed them. Now, the weather is TOO good that it doesn't have a rain drop. Haiz. The dam that was filled with water now is going to dry soon... Yesterday Kuan told me she went to UKM (the main purpose is to match her boy friend to Yin :p). Yin took them for a tour for awhile, coz she's busy with Pesta Angpao...(T_T Last time when we go to UKM I didn't have the chance to see Yin leh...) Jann is busy promoting her tango workshop, Pesta Angpao... So many kinds of interesting activities in their university. So envy of them, can have so many interesting activities. We will have Angpao Night I guess, but most of us are going back earlier... None of us wanted to stay here longer than we have to. Jann talked about her uni's election too... But for mine? The election didn't look much like election. Didn't have the feel also. I don't even know the person I voted. Only that they shouted their what-so-ever slogan during the night before the election (which annoyed us a lot). Jann told me also that she intends to bring a car next sem so she can go home anytime she wants. Aih... Wish I could go home whenever I want too... Few weeks ago Yi Ling came back from Australia. I guess I'm the first (and only?) friend she looked for after she came back... (Yin, Kuan and Jann don't really like her since form 1) She told me she wanted to go back to school, after three years. Coz she said her son needed her, but I told her if she didn't apply for university this year, her STPM results will not be valid anymore. So she asked me to apply for her. After she bought the PIN number from BSN, she told me she filled the form wrongly. She bought the one for "lepasan Diploma" instead of "lepasan STPM". (-.-") Then she told me she hasn't take MUET exam too. Huh... How should I help her to apply if she didn't have that qualifications??? (Seldom take things seriously. Aih.) Then, there are problems with her brother. Bad things. Really pity her mother, facing all these alone. Sigh. This year is also her 21st birth year. Hope she can have her wedding dinner done la. =) Wish her good luck. p/s: Luckily I still can sign in msn to know what's going on with my friends... ^_^ And YAY!!! 8 days more to go home!!!
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Tuesday, 26 January 2010


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阿姐一直说我们的 blog 没有 update, 所以就随便写点东西给她看啦... 反正我也是好不容易才上到网... =) (请去十一月的第二个 post 看原本的家庭成员) 我才刚回来没多久就认回阿公了... 因为他刚开始他的租车生意, 我们第一次租就被他啰唆要好好照顾他的车子... (-.-") 所以才发现他是我们的阿公的 :p 然后上星期二也很高兴帮大姨妈找回她的女儿洛虹 ^_^ (名字是译音啊) 阿公又名 Juon, 跟我有点 "血缘关系" 咧! 上次他们讲要在我今年生日的时候弄一架电视机把我塞回我的世界去 (我才不要啦... 一只鬼回去好寂寞喔... T_T), 之后认回阿公了他们又讲在阿公大寿的时候要把他塞回天花板! (本来是想塞回床底下) 真可惜我不够高不能参与啊... (其实 Juon 是怎么来的我都不懂???) 我们其实一直都很希望把阿婆找回来, 可惜阿公老人痴呆, 想不起阿婆是谁了。而且阿公好像只是对跟自己有 "血缘关系的家人" 应声, 像表妹叫他阿公他都不会应, 不然就是他撞聋听不到。阿公真可怜啊。 阿姐有老公了, 他比韦小宝还厉害, 有二十个老婆! 阿姐就是最小的那个... 弄到阿妈不甘愿, 硬要跟她女婿比, 害我们死凑硬凑给她 list 了二十个老公... 第一名当然是 JJ 啦... 第二名就是我阿爸 (不要以为看不到他就不把他放进 list 里面!!!) 然后接下去十八个人选就随便她放啦... :p 最近又突然冒出一个 "阿妹", 可惜阿妈想不起她是跟谁生的, 所以迟迟不敢随便认... 阿姐就讲她是阿妈的私生女啊, 看来也像了... XD 今天在班上看到姐夫就叫他一下, 结果他拼命叫我小声一点, 因为他讲如果太大声就害他泡不到女生... 泡不到女生不要紧, 最重要的是泡不到男生!!! O.o 阿姐扁嘴啰... 最近不知道谁又旧事重提, 讲到上个 sem 回家的时候想跟阿姐亲近一点而改的花名, 才想起我的花名就是 "肚兜"! (因为阿姐是红豆, 阿弟就想要做绿豆, 本来她们想帮我取 "麦兜" 的... 可是我又不是猪... 所以才改成 "肚兜" 的...) 讲到兜, 阿妈好像还没改到花名, 阿姐就很创意的帮阿妈取名 "尿兜"! (衬她 "屎" 的身份啊...) 结果全部人被炸... 然后阿姐讲要帮洛虹找回她的弟弟 "卫生棉", 可是我觉得这个名字比较像是大姨丈的名字啊, 衬大姨妈嘛... 结果全部人又被炸... 阿妈也讲阿姐最近好像苍白了一点, 结果就赖我把她的阳气吸掉!!! ~o.o~ 然后又讲我跟得她们多, 现在逐渐 "人化" 了... 我的脚也不像以前那么 "透明" 了 (阿妈以前一直都看不清楚我的脚, 她讲是白到透明那种喔... T_T) 当然啦, 我还是有半边阿妈的血统, 是只半鬼啊~ (嗯... 那么下一个要吸谁的阳气啊? :p) 下个礼拜我们去吃自助餐, 几乎是全家出动啊... 阿妈, 阿姐, 姐夫, 我, 表妹和姐夫的朋友 bearbear (本来是叫大象的, 但是他的手机吊饰换去小熊了, 所以名字也跟着改了) 可惜阿公和大姨妈不要去。想想我生日的时候也想去吃自助餐咧, 偏偏我的生日落在 study week, 再不然就是 study week 之前, 那天还要上那个死人 CC 的课... 还好有我的变态家人, 虽然还是美中不足少了一个重要人物。唉... 我的二十一岁生日还真惨啊。 p/s: 阿妈最近迷上《犬夜叉》, 可能还会被列入她的 20 个老公名单里面咧...
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Tuesday, 19 January 2010

A Day Filled with Laughters =D

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This morning couldn't wake up in time... I wouldn't have wake up if not because Cai Yi sms me... (Coz she asked me to go for breakfast yesterday and she wanted to cancel it because she wanted to sleep longer...) We went to the library at around 9am for our Hubungan Etnik's meeting. On the way to the library, we met some friends that should have the consultation with our Technopreneurship lecturer that morning and they told us the lecturer had gone to KK to have meeting... So the consultation today was canceled and we have to reschedule another time by this week for the business plan review. When we were in the library, we didn't do much as the books are very limited in our library, so we just chat a little with our 大姨妈... XD We told her too we 'found' our grandpa (阿公) dy... Hahaha... (Coz weeks ago we rent the car from Woh and he just keep reminding us to take good care of his car nonstop... Very ngam cham... So he became our grandpa dy... Haha) After the meeting, we went back to prepare the egg sandwiches ^^ Ah di came to have the sandwiches too... We ate while waiting for ah ma to come back and we crap a lot... Oh, then only we found that Cai Yi is our cousin! And she is given a very 'beautiful' name... (Ask us and you'll know it... XD It comes with a very funny reason) So we just crap and had a very nice afternoon together ^_^ Ah di was so 'innocent' she almost believed our lies if we didn't tell her :p We planned to go somewhere during our sem break in May and June, probably going to Genting (Ah jie and ah di keep asking me to go Ipoh to look for them shun bian go Tanjung Malim... Hehe...), and even planned for the holidays during August and September if we're not going back ^^ Oh we even talked about our birthday celebration this year... Guess what they've planned for mine??? They're going to make a box TV, and then stuff me back in the TV so I can go back to my own world!!! (贞子嘛... -.-") After Cai Yi went back, ah ma went to sleep and 3 of us continued to chat... I keep telling ah di the benefits of staying in Beta and persuaded her to apply to stay in Beta next sem with me XD (But it seems like she likes Mutiara more... Haiz.) And then, we went to the playground to play the swing... But the mosquitoes seems to like both of them very much... Ah jie said it's because I'm a ghost so I won't have blood in me, that's why the mosquitoes won't come to me! Haha... Finally I found a benefit of being a ghost!!! XD We left the playground very soon, but the mosquitoes were still chasing at their back (I seriously can see the mosquitoes bugging at ah di's backside!!!) At around 4pm, it's the time for us to go for satay! (Then only we found that we didn't look for Mr Chong to discuss our essay and we decided to leave it till our next class tomorrow :p) We took some pics there too ^_^ Check ah jie's facebook then you'll know... (Oh that Cai Yi ruined my image!!!!! T_T) Ah di and I left the table earlier, then we went to the beach... (The kids at the playground playing the swings were just staring at us and not willing to give a place T_T) She asked me to shout, so I asked her not to laugh at me but immediately right after I shout out loud she laughed!!! (She's going to be so dead...) We also scribbled our names on the sand there and leave the evidence that we were there haha... When we were about to come back, we shouted at the beach together~ Haha I bet the people there think we're too stressed! (And actually we do :p) When we were on the journey back we chat and laughed till so hard that my right rib cage ache... I was very tired that I sleep for around 2 hours after I bathed... (Coz I have to wash my clothes... The weather seems to get better now =D) The satay made me so full that I don't have to have dinner today. It's been a long long time since I've laughed so much and so hard in a day =D
* * * * *
Few days ago my sis told me my bro failed to transfer to MBS... Instead, the ministry of education put him in SMK San Peng... (o.O) Why is it so? I thought it's only either approve or reject... How come they put him in SMK San Peng? My dad had appeal for him, but he told me my bro is very happy now in SS... Coz he's being put into the first class and he made a lot of friends there. Whatever la... I also don't remember why they want him to transfer dy. The teachers in SS are quite familiar with his sisters already (Coz his sisters are good XD) so if he has any problems the teachers should be willing to help him out... We told him already which teacher is good, kind and willing to help even if it's not in her job scope, and which is not good in teaching during the form 1 admission day. Last Saturday Jann called me again... Which had surprised me... :p It's so kind of her that she call me constantly to chat with me ~^_^~ She told me she's going to visit me this end of the year with Kuan!!! ^_^ Aih too bad Yin is busy with something that time and she's not coming along... But nevermind la... I'm going to show them how SMALL is our campus... Haha... And how SMALL is our town... :p
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Monday, 18 January 2010


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都不知道为什么我们大学这样的. 前天阿姐去 UMS Sejati 回来就哭个不停, 阿妈怕到问我发生什么事, 我也不懂啊... 后来我们去吃晚餐的时候阿姐就跟我讲他们 Sejati 的老师叫他们新年的时候去 Camping, 还要是占考试很多巴仙的那种... 最惨的是他们整个 Sejati Bencana Alam 的只有五个华人, 那个教授又偏心, 应该都不会换时间啰... 吃完晚餐回到房间, 我跟阿妈讲阿姐的事, 阿妈激动到要帮阿姐出头, 又讲要写信又讲要去投诉... 我就也跟着去啰... 今天上 Ethics & Professionalism 的课的时候, 亿就问 Siva 上次是不是作弄那个"阿伯", 结果他说是 (o.O) 因为他们真的超不爽那个阿伯了... (不怪得他那天问一些平常上课从来都不会问的问题啦... :p) 上完课, 我就陪阿妈和阿姐去投诉... 结果那里的工作人员就讲叫我们把那五个 Sejati 的华人集起来一起去讨论要怎样解决这个问题, 然后我去 HEP 的时候阿姐又刚好收到消息说他们可能跟 Paramedic 的人一起做 presentation, 所以阿姐总算心情好一点点了... 等星期六看那个教授怎样决定才看要不要去投诉过啰. 到下午我们去找 mentor 签我们的 course registration list, 顺便跟他讲一下我们 CC 的教授有多糟糕... 结果他就很爽快的问我们要不要帮我们去投诉, 可是我们怕万一这个教授换不走, 又让他知道被投诉的话我们的 presentation 会很惨... 所以我们还是放弃了... 再看看他会不会有进步吧... 然后我让他帮我签我的考试成绩的时候, 他一眼就看到我的 Major... (^^") 惊叫了一下... 没办法, 我们的 Major 都考到很差... 只有极少的人拿 B 或以上... 他就问我们什么问题, Veron 就跟他大致讲了一下... 顺便提到那只狼骚扰的事情... 原来我们的 mentor 早就知道了! 他还讲这个问题应该已经持续了一下子... (-.-") 他说会跟 Dean 私下讲一下... 早知道我们的 mentor 酱好讲话去年就应该跟他讲了!!! 明天本来没有课, 可是早早就有 Hubungan Etnik 的 meeting... 之后又有 Technopreneurship 的 consultation... 然后又要找 Mr Chong 讨论论文题目... 亿又讲要在 meeting 之前去 megalab 那边吃早餐... (不是讲要睡迟一点的咩? 一想到吃又醒得来的??? :p) 本来讲要做鸡蛋面包, 都不懂有没有时间做来吃... 下午四点就又跑出去吃 satay 了 ^^ 唉. 烦死了, 我到现在都还没有想到论文要写什么咧... 为什么每次蛇年出生的人都比较不好运的咧??? :(
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Friday, 15 January 2010


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Recently must be the raining season, it's either raining or cloudy everyday now... My clothes aren't going to dry forever... T_T 昨天晚上的 corporate communication (CC) 应该是继上个 sem E-commerce 之后最气死人的一个 subject 了... 我们一去到教室就看到一个阿伯在讲台上, 我还以为他是 technician, 阿妈更惨, 以为他是我们学校的 guard... (-.-") 结果他原来是我们的教授啊... 他一开始就讲我们的不是, 因为上个礼拜他什么通知都没有就擅自改掉上课时间 (从原本的 5pm 换去 7pm), 我们从 5 点开始等了半个小时就走人了, 结果他 7 点去的时候也等了很久, 可是就没有一个人去 (我后来觉得他是活该) 有中国学生跟他讲他们在同一时间有上马来语课, 可是他好像没有要换回上课时间, 因为他说他喜欢晚上上课, 还可以防止我们到处乱跑... (-.-") 然后要上课的时候他还是用他那把 "阴声细气" 的声音讲马来话, 因为他 assume 中国学生有上马来语课会听得懂 (o.O) 结果他就不知道怎样引起公愤了... 然后他开始要帮我们安排 tutorial 的时间, 他每讲一个时间都有人讲不得空因为有别的课 (应该没有人要多上他的课了啰...) 之后他跟我们讲分组做 presentation 的事, group assignment 40%, presentation 30%, present 的时候必须要他听得明白才可以给分, 听不明白就没有分... 天啊... 他上课英文都不讲一句, 他会听得懂我们的 presentation 咩?! 70% 就酱没了... T_T 之后他出去一下子, 然后回来叫我们换教室因为那间没有 projector 用... (大教室换去小教室) 换了教室, 要上课了, 还是没有人听得懂他在讲什么外星语??? (他讲英文的时候根本就是照着他的 slide 来读!) Siva 问他一点问题, 结果他听了老半天都不懂他在问什么 (因为Siva 用英语问, 我朋友讲 Siva 有可能是在作弄他) 结果他干脆回答:"我不是你们的英文老师, 不会的就去查字典..." o.O 什么啊?! 如果他要照 slide 读, 不如他把 slide 给我们回去自己读不是更好, 反正不懂的又不会是去问他... 我们还可以早早下课咧... 接着开始很多人跑厕所, 有些就做自己的事情, 结果就出现 "他讲他的课, 我们做我们的事" 的场面... 后来他开始觉得很吵了, 就讲我们是 First year student, 对这些课还搞不清楚, 所以才会 lost our focus... (天啊! 他怎么不检讨自己?! o.O) 我都开始怀疑 Mdm Siti 的眼光了, 她该不会是看他有 master 的文凭就直接请他吧?! (阿弟一直觉得他的文凭是买回来的... :p) 我们整大帮人都一直在讨论好不好星期一去投诉他了... 阿弟跟我讲不要问他为什么这个阿伯酱子的, 因为他根本不知道阿伯是从那个星球跑过来, 阿弟无法给予评价... 喔对哦! 我到现在才发现他都没有拿 attendance! 酱子早知道就不去上课啦!!! 结果他应该是教不下去还是怎样 (根本没有人听他在讲什么) 他就让我们早放学了... 之后, 阿妈和阿姐去 Dewan Utama 听那些什么讲座, 我因为有 multimedia 的 meeting 所以迟到半小时, 礼堂里面竟然才小猫两三只, 阿妈告诉我那个举办这个讲座的 MPP 居然还没来 (原本开始的时间是 8.30)!!! 天啊... 那那些在台上讲得那么激动的是在拖延时间罢了??? (阿妈还讲这里有可能有人只不过是要避雨罢了 XD) 天啊... 这什么大学啊... 我们坐到 9.30 就走人了... 阿妈其实很想投诉没有水和 wifi 不稳定的问题... 不过算啦, 从去年就已经投诉到现在了一点改变都没有, 还是省时间去吃饭吧... 更何况, 再不走晚餐就变宵夜了... 这什么烂大学, 真是气死人了!!! p/s: 阿妈阿姐也有写这个阿伯的衰事... 实在太让人生气了...
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Sunday, 10 January 2010

Miss Home...

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This morning mommy online chat with me (Li told me she had wait for few days... :p) I seldom online at night already so sorry to let you wait lo... Plus, my broadband connection is weak, I only can sign in my msn and always can't surf the internet... ("Page Load Error", "Address Not Found", ... -.-) That's why I didn't update my blog... She told me Wen is having a hard time now... Her internship makes her life miserable... At first, the company asked her to go to work at 9.30am, then afterwards don't know how she had to go to work at 6am until midnight or later... (Mommy curse the boss so much... XD) Not only that, she has to bring back her work back home to do, like read script and all that... Pity her... And she was told that her pay was like 300 bucks only... Her other friend who works in Astro and her job was far more easier than my sis's. All she has to do is just paperwork. She'd emailed to her lecturer to see whether she can change a job, wish her success then... Last Sunday Wen introduce Jackie to my parents, but mommy doesn't seem to approve very much... Daddy is still okie with him la. Mommy keep telling me he's Wen's college friend, which all of us know he's more than that already... When I ask mommy is he good-looking? The way she described to me sounds like she doesn't like him very much... :p And she added that they're not confirm yet, still friends, let Wen concentrate in her study first... (Wow, Wen manage to skip the age question... O.o) She's basically insisted that Jackie is not Wen's boyfriend. Li transfer school already... Seems like she's okie with the environment there, but she complained that the prefects there are very ... , and if those prefects are in her previous school, they sure will be beaten up XD Oh and she gets into pure science class!!! O.o Kit has to wait till 18th to know whether he can transfer to MBS or not, but most probably he can, because his results is good ^_^ Li said he's now being put in 1Cekal (first science class) from 1Elit (first teknik class) in his school. Last time during the form 1 admission day, Pn Jamilah wanted to put my bro into that class already, that don't-know-which-teacher told her cannot touch the Cekal class... -.- But whatever class it is, my bro is going to transfer lo... Byebye SS... Haha...
* * * * *
It's already 10 days I'm here stucked in this island... Miss home so much... :( Missed so many things so many news at home, I feel like I'm a stranger at home at first, not knowing what's their inner jokes... I just managed to fit into my family in that past 2 months and now I have to part with them again... T_T p/s: Anyway, I still have 27 days to go home for CNY... Hehe...
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