Tuesday, 19 January 2010

A Day Filled with Laughters =D

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This morning couldn't wake up in time... I wouldn't have wake up if not because Cai Yi sms me... (Coz she asked me to go for breakfast yesterday and she wanted to cancel it because she wanted to sleep longer...) We went to the library at around 9am for our Hubungan Etnik's meeting. On the way to the library, we met some friends that should have the consultation with our Technopreneurship lecturer that morning and they told us the lecturer had gone to KK to have meeting... So the consultation today was canceled and we have to reschedule another time by this week for the business plan review. When we were in the library, we didn't do much as the books are very limited in our library, so we just chat a little with our 大姨妈... XD We told her too we 'found' our grandpa (阿公) dy... Hahaha... (Coz weeks ago we rent the car from Woh and he just keep reminding us to take good care of his car nonstop... Very ngam cham... So he became our grandpa dy... Haha) After the meeting, we went back to prepare the egg sandwiches ^^ Ah di came to have the sandwiches too... We ate while waiting for ah ma to come back and we crap a lot... Oh, then only we found that Cai Yi is our cousin! And she is given a very 'beautiful' name... (Ask us and you'll know it... XD It comes with a very funny reason) So we just crap and had a very nice afternoon together ^_^ Ah di was so 'innocent' she almost believed our lies if we didn't tell her :p We planned to go somewhere during our sem break in May and June, probably going to Genting (Ah jie and ah di keep asking me to go Ipoh to look for them shun bian go Tanjung Malim... Hehe...), and even planned for the holidays during August and September if we're not going back ^^ Oh we even talked about our birthday celebration this year... Guess what they've planned for mine??? They're going to make a box TV, and then stuff me back in the TV so I can go back to my own world!!! (贞子嘛... -.-") After Cai Yi went back, ah ma went to sleep and 3 of us continued to chat... I keep telling ah di the benefits of staying in Beta and persuaded her to apply to stay in Beta next sem with me XD (But it seems like she likes Mutiara more... Haiz.) And then, we went to the playground to play the swing... But the mosquitoes seems to like both of them very much... Ah jie said it's because I'm a ghost so I won't have blood in me, that's why the mosquitoes won't come to me! Haha... Finally I found a benefit of being a ghost!!! XD We left the playground very soon, but the mosquitoes were still chasing at their back (I seriously can see the mosquitoes bugging at ah di's backside!!!) At around 4pm, it's the time for us to go for satay! (Then only we found that we didn't look for Mr Chong to discuss our essay and we decided to leave it till our next class tomorrow :p) We took some pics there too ^_^ Check ah jie's facebook then you'll know... (Oh that Cai Yi ruined my image!!!!! T_T) Ah di and I left the table earlier, then we went to the beach... (The kids at the playground playing the swings were just staring at us and not willing to give a place T_T) She asked me to shout, so I asked her not to laugh at me but immediately right after I shout out loud she laughed!!! (She's going to be so dead...) We also scribbled our names on the sand there and leave the evidence that we were there haha... When we were about to come back, we shouted at the beach together~ Haha I bet the people there think we're too stressed! (And actually we do :p) When we were on the journey back we chat and laughed till so hard that my right rib cage ache... I was very tired that I sleep for around 2 hours after I bathed... (Coz I have to wash my clothes... The weather seems to get better now =D) The satay made me so full that I don't have to have dinner today. It's been a long long time since I've laughed so much and so hard in a day =D
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Few days ago my sis told me my bro failed to transfer to MBS... Instead, the ministry of education put him in SMK San Peng... (o.O) Why is it so? I thought it's only either approve or reject... How come they put him in SMK San Peng? My dad had appeal for him, but he told me my bro is very happy now in SS... Coz he's being put into the first class and he made a lot of friends there. Whatever la... I also don't remember why they want him to transfer dy. The teachers in SS are quite familiar with his sisters already (Coz his sisters are good XD) so if he has any problems the teachers should be willing to help him out... We told him already which teacher is good, kind and willing to help even if it's not in her job scope, and which is not good in teaching during the form 1 admission day. Last Saturday Jann called me again... Which had surprised me... :p It's so kind of her that she call me constantly to chat with me ~^_^~ She told me she's going to visit me this end of the year with Kuan!!! ^_^ Aih too bad Yin is busy with something that time and she's not coming along... But nevermind la... I'm going to show them how SMALL is our campus... Haha... And how SMALL is our town... :p
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