Sunday, 10 January 2010

Miss Home...

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This morning mommy online chat with me (Li told me she had wait for few days... :p) I seldom online at night already so sorry to let you wait lo... Plus, my broadband connection is weak, I only can sign in my msn and always can't surf the internet... ("Page Load Error", "Address Not Found", ... -.-) That's why I didn't update my blog... She told me Wen is having a hard time now... Her internship makes her life miserable... At first, the company asked her to go to work at 9.30am, then afterwards don't know how she had to go to work at 6am until midnight or later... (Mommy curse the boss so much... XD) Not only that, she has to bring back her work back home to do, like read script and all that... Pity her... And she was told that her pay was like 300 bucks only... Her other friend who works in Astro and her job was far more easier than my sis's. All she has to do is just paperwork. She'd emailed to her lecturer to see whether she can change a job, wish her success then... Last Sunday Wen introduce Jackie to my parents, but mommy doesn't seem to approve very much... Daddy is still okie with him la. Mommy keep telling me he's Wen's college friend, which all of us know he's more than that already... When I ask mommy is he good-looking? The way she described to me sounds like she doesn't like him very much... :p And she added that they're not confirm yet, still friends, let Wen concentrate in her study first... (Wow, Wen manage to skip the age question... O.o) She's basically insisted that Jackie is not Wen's boyfriend. Li transfer school already... Seems like she's okie with the environment there, but she complained that the prefects there are very ... , and if those prefects are in her previous school, they sure will be beaten up XD Oh and she gets into pure science class!!! O.o Kit has to wait till 18th to know whether he can transfer to MBS or not, but most probably he can, because his results is good ^_^ Li said he's now being put in 1Cekal (first science class) from 1Elit (first teknik class) in his school. Last time during the form 1 admission day, Pn Jamilah wanted to put my bro into that class already, that don't-know-which-teacher told her cannot touch the Cekal class... -.- But whatever class it is, my bro is going to transfer lo... Byebye SS... Haha...
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It's already 10 days I'm here stucked in this island... Miss home so much... :( Missed so many things so many news at home, I feel like I'm a stranger at home at first, not knowing what's their inner jokes... I just managed to fit into my family in that past 2 months and now I have to part with them again... T_T p/s: Anyway, I still have 27 days to go home for CNY... Hehe...
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