Friday, 29 January 2010

What an island.

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It's already my habit to go to the balcony and look down to check the tangki's water level everyday after I woke up. Just now when I checked, the level-pointer reached "0". Dang. It's already been 2 days that they didn't fill the tangki with water in the morning. Started to feel regret coz I didn't fill all my empty bottles with water and now I only have a box of water bottles with water to wash my face every morning... T_T Ironically, the island is surrounded by water. Haiz. Weeks ago, it's been raining everyday. We couldn't find a minute that we're totally dry - All wet wherever we go as long as we're not in our room. Can't even wash our clothes or dry them if we've washed them. Now, the weather is TOO good that it doesn't have a rain drop. Haiz. The dam that was filled with water now is going to dry soon... Yesterday Kuan told me she went to UKM (the main purpose is to match her boy friend to Yin :p). Yin took them for a tour for awhile, coz she's busy with Pesta Angpao...(T_T Last time when we go to UKM I didn't have the chance to see Yin leh...) Jann is busy promoting her tango workshop, Pesta Angpao... So many kinds of interesting activities in their university. So envy of them, can have so many interesting activities. We will have Angpao Night I guess, but most of us are going back earlier... None of us wanted to stay here longer than we have to. Jann talked about her uni's election too... But for mine? The election didn't look much like election. Didn't have the feel also. I don't even know the person I voted. Only that they shouted their what-so-ever slogan during the night before the election (which annoyed us a lot). Jann told me also that she intends to bring a car next sem so she can go home anytime she wants. Aih... Wish I could go home whenever I want too... Few weeks ago Yi Ling came back from Australia. I guess I'm the first (and only?) friend she looked for after she came back... (Yin, Kuan and Jann don't really like her since form 1) She told me she wanted to go back to school, after three years. Coz she said her son needed her, but I told her if she didn't apply for university this year, her STPM results will not be valid anymore. So she asked me to apply for her. After she bought the PIN number from BSN, she told me she filled the form wrongly. She bought the one for "lepasan Diploma" instead of "lepasan STPM". (-.-") Then she told me she hasn't take MUET exam too. Huh... How should I help her to apply if she didn't have that qualifications??? (Seldom take things seriously. Aih.) Then, there are problems with her brother. Bad things. Really pity her mother, facing all these alone. Sigh. This year is also her 21st birth year. Hope she can have her wedding dinner done la. =) Wish her good luck. p/s: Luckily I still can sign in msn to know what's going on with my friends... ^_^ And YAY!!! 8 days more to go home!!!
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