Saturday, 27 February 2010

Another Happy Day =D

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Thought we're going Anjung Ketam to eat seafood de, then don't know who invite us to an aunty's open house wor, so we go lo (actually want to save money only XD) Ah Gong changed his car dy oh, no longer is the Viva but now Wira... Jie Fu can reached 160km/h with the car leh!!! Nah, actually he's driving at 60km/h only... The needle is spoilt de XD Jie Fu said Ah Gong purposely use this car so he can satisfy his own vanity (Coz even if he drives at 40km/h the needle will show 140km/h also... Hahaha...) When we reached the aunty's house, we feel like want to leave la... Coz not familiar also, very odd lo suddenly a gang of strangers going to someone's house... But after that then nothing liao la... Aunty very good oh gave each of us an angpau ^_^ (Wa... My first angpau got in Labuan ah~ ^_^) Then hor the aunty said it's her son's Ah Kwong's birthday also (We heard the aunty said "Ah Gong"... Then I told Ah Jie lo: Oh~ So our real Ah Gong is here! XD) After that leh, Pei Jie them all said want to bath in the airport wor, so they went back to pack their toiletries and clothes. We didn't want to bath in the airport so we went back to fetch Elephant (Previous name = BearBear) to airport... For McD. ^^ Thanks to Elephant also la I can visit Alpha again :p Yuan Nung very weird la, so noisy when in the aunty's house but so quiet in the car... Maybe he cannot tahan our conversation XD Yay Jie Fu uploaded the photos le... (Carelessly I let Jie Fu snap my ghostly face tim... Uh oh... O.o) × Special Photo ×
Me and Ah Jie~ ♥
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Friday, 26 February 2010


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缺水的情况越来越严重了,今早本来讲要去跑步,但是我六点下去刷牙的时候看到 tangki 只剩下一格水… 跑完回来都被人家用完了啰… 所以被逼取消… 水车中午才来进水,怎知道水都还没有进就已经有一大堆人在 tangki 那里排队等着洗衣冲凉… o.O 两个小时罢了,tangki 又恢复只剩一格水了… 唉… (洛虹下午忍不住就跑去机场那里冲凉了…) 傍晚我们去 menara 冲凉的时候幸好冲得快,阿妈差不多冲完的时候就已经没有水了… (天啊… 这什么大学) 刚才跟阿妈和阿姐去吃晚餐的时候,阿姐看着电视,突然讲很想念电视机的声音,就叫阿妈买架电视机来看… 我就跟阿妈要求:“可以买 plasma 电视机吗?” 结果阿妈讲:“不要啦,plasma 电视机那么扁哪里塞得进你啊?” 呜呜… T_T (还记得上次讲要在我生日的时候用电视机把我送回去我的世界吗?) 结果她们就开始研究起电视机的 size 了… 讲什么 cfc 的电视机那么小肯定塞不下我… (不要问我为什么!!! 呜呜哇… ~><~) 不过还是感谢阿妈和阿姐,她们都好好喔,要买电视机都还会想到要把我送回去我的世界咧… 顺便提一下 bear bear 的手机吊饰又换回去大象了所以他现在的名字是大象… (好乱喔 @.@) *今天好忙喔… 一整天都在想你…*
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Thursday, 25 February 2010


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After I cut my hair I received comments... My sis said I looked "yong sui"; my ji mui, my dear and other friends said I looked okie (and more matured... x_x) Then yesterday Shin Yi thought I'm Ah Ma (from the back... wua~ She's trying to say I looked older... ~>_<~) And then yesternight Ah Ky said my previous hair style looked like good girl but now I looked like gangster T_T Haix... Beauty sense is so subjective. Finally finished mid term, Techno also handed in dy. Now have to headache about Multimedia flash, Mandarin & HE assignments... JAVA also don't know have to create games or not. Argh!!! And the CC presentation! @.@ Tomorrow holiday somemore, don't know when only is our turn to present... Haix... At first said want to join swimming club de ah... But still haven't open the registration yet. Maybe this sem don't have. Then hor, said want to rent bicycle de, but the kokum department said the bicycles all are spoilt so they have to repair them... Next week only can rent ah... (><) Then then then... At first thought we can go throw mandarin (抛柑) on Sunday de (shun bian eat seafood in Anjung Ketam XD), but all the cars are not available... Those people ah, rent the cars before CNY starts! o.O So we changed our plan lo... Go Anjung Ketam on Saturday... Still don't have water supply... Now everytime we pass by the water tangki we'll sure take a look at the water level, and it always stopped at one quarter... And definitely still have lots of people waiting to bathe or wash clothes... Sigh. When will the water supply resumes?! Want to drink a cup of tea also have to think twice... Haix...
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Wednesday, 24 February 2010


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Tonight exam le... Looking at the notes, I feel like I have reading disorder dy... @_@ Can't even store it in my brain! T_T Then then then... Tomorrow have Multimedia exam somemore... And I haven't finish the Business Plan leh!!! Tomorrow have to hand in le!!! ><"
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Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Back to Labuan

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Haix. Finally came back to this small island le. Still no water supply. Sien... Tomorrow is the Mandarin's midterm, Cai Yi studied in airplane just now... Ah Jie told me she studied half of it already... (@_@!) I haven't even start yet! ... Hope the big map gotten from my dear can help lar... Assignments haven't finish... ><" No mood leh... T_T
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Monday, 22 February 2010

Last Day

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Today is the last day I'm in KL le... Went back to the previous company I used to work for to visit "old friends"... :p Ieki collected some nice stamps for me oh ^^ (Love Ieki~!) 11am got Lion Dance... Didn't manage to snap photos coz my phone has got no flash. Besides, the Fortune God gave me so many candies and an angpau so my hands were occupied. ^^
Stephanie Ieki~! ^^ Kar Yin
Aunty Lilian went to Paris and London lu... So didn't see her. Carol resigned. (o.O) Like not even a year also wor.
Haiz. Don't want to pack my luggage lar... Don't want to go back... T_T wuwu..........
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Sunday, 21 February 2010

New Bear's Family Member! ♥

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Today went to Sunway Pyramid to ice skate~ ^_^ But I'm so stupid to fall 4 times... My backside is still aching leh... Still it's a nice experience (Owh I must let my kids to learn ice skates in the future!) And I received my belated Valentine's present ^^♥ Let's welcome it to my Bear's Family!
Up: My little doggy Potato Down: My sis's big doggy Tomato Left: Christmas Bear my youngest sis gave to me as my 18th birthday present Right: My 17th birthday present I bought myself (4 of us have the same one ^^) Back: My 17th birthday present from my "old friend" :p Front: My 17th birthday present from Jann (4 of us have the same one ^^) Deng Deng Deng Deng! ~♥ Compared to the one Jackie gave to my sis (Right) (Once I brought back the new member my siblings immediately compare it to the one Jackie gave... SWT!)
My mom said I went out too long le today so I can't go to Kuan's Bai Tian Gong ceremony... Sorry ya...
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Saturday, 20 February 2010

New Year Gathering

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Today went to Yin's house to visit her... Watched Lion Dance also ^^ In the afternoon suddenly 17 "old friends" came (Maybe more o.O Coz some of them were their other half). We knew each other since primary school le... Some were secondary school Chinese classmates. Just like a new year gathering... Haha. Too bad Jann didn't go. Said want to study wor... Yin also didn't study la... :p (I didn't know they gave us a nickname somemore: 四大天王...! -.-") Don't know what happened to Jann. So frustrated. Asked me to return her book that afternoon, then later asked me to return them tomorrow. Wonder where she wanted to go?
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Friday, 19 February 2010

La La La ~♪

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Today went shopping ^^♥ Abandoned Ah Ma tim... :p Sorry ya Ah Ma... After lunch then met Wai Kar somemore... (Hor, my dear forgotten him dy... He thought Wai Kar didn't take Form 6... 果然是见色忘友... Haha) At night went to Aunty Cindy's open house dinner... Just to get angpau. So tired. But overall still happy la ^_^ Outings Photos
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Thursday, 18 February 2010

Movies Day

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My best ji mui asked me to go for movies today. (Aih... Yin is still in Ipoh, Kuan resume class already. Fantastic 4 became Fantastic 2 liao. Sigh) I went to her house this morning to give her the Adobe CS3, but still cannot install... (How Ah Ky install for me de last time???) Her parents were not at home, they went to work already. Aiya. No angpau... Oh, and I met Lucky!!! Erm... More accurately, he's Lucky Jr. (Lucky's son, we normally call them Kiky) Haha... Apparently Jann needs luck. He's just as cute as his father!!!
Kiky! Cute ma??? ^^ He's an Australian Silky Toy Terrier oh~ (He's too shy to look at the camera...)
We went to Jusco Cheras Selatan to watch "Percy Jackson & the Lightning Thief" first. The movie was okie okie la... Then we watched another movie "Wolfman". I think the werewolves looked more like gorillas than wolves lo... (Sorry ya Ah Ma, coz no time to visit you le, my mom asked me to go home le... Happy 21st Birthday ya once again =]) After the movies, we went to Secret Recipe to grab a bite. After we finished, we continue to chat for another while (Girls Gossips. :p), then only we pay for the bill. However, the cashier told us someone had paid for us! o.O She said it's the three guys sitting at the table next to ours who paid... I asked Jann, but none of us know who are they... Maybe they recognize the wrong person. (Jann said luckily my dear is not around... Otherwise we will have to pay for ourselves... Haha :p) Jann sent me straight back home... But this Saturday is going to see her again... To get angpau :p
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Happy Birthday Ah Ma~

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Happy Birthday Ah Ma~ Don't forget my souvenir from Cameron oh... ^_^
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Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Tired Day

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Today went out with mommy to open current account... Damn sleepy. (Yesternight read the reference books and do the CC assignments but still cannot finish... T_T I still got mandarin assignments leh. And don't know why I became so weak since I came back from Labuan, I just keep sneezing... And it got worse when I entered an air-conditioned room. My nose was stucked. T_T Can't even breathe right. So yesternight I slept in the study room. Ouch.) When we were on the way to the bank this afternoon, I met my ex-company's client so I just tegur sapa... Then my overprotective mom came and ask: Yes? Yes? (As if he's a bad guy...)
I just had to explain to her who is he. (Wargh... So embarrased... x_x) Huh... The procedure was so slow... It took us around 2 hours to finish opening a current account. Almost all the food stalls and restaurants are closing for the dinner already... =s Tired and starved. Bad thing is I wanted to eat spaghetti so much today. ~>_<~
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Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Visit Old Friend

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Today suppose to continue my assignments de... But not in the mood... Sigh. Ah Ma invited me over to her house also, but my mom said if I go alone then cannot, so end up didn't go. This afternoon did went to Yi Ling's house... She came to my house first, then we went to her house together. She has 2 kids already oh... The eldest daughter is Chloe, 1 years old ++ only... Another one is 3 months old baby boy, called Edmund. (Aiya, forgot snap their photo tim... :p) She moved to Taman University. I just let her paint my nails and play with her kids... Her daughter was so naughty and noisy. Her son was quieter and more passive.
Testing only. :p Yi Ling and Me
I cannot imagine lo. Having 2 kids at this age (She's at the same age as mine), stop schooling, being a mother taking care of the kids at home... I prefer my life now. =)
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Monday, 15 February 2010

Happy Birthday to My Brother

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Happy Birthday Bro~ May all your wishes come true =) (Of course only the good ones... If you dare to wish for bad things I'm going to beat you up)
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Sunday, 14 February 2010


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Happy Chinese New Year~ Happy Valentine's Day~ Happy Birthday my dear~♥ May all your wishes come true =)
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Saturday, 13 February 2010

Shopping Day

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Other people had done their shopping already but I just started my shopping... This morning went to have a haircut. No comment. Just a haircut for my sis and me already cost RM56! After that we went to The Mines to shop... Within 2 hours ++ 3 of us (Mommy, my sis and me) spent around thousand something for our clothes! (Cai Yi lose liao... :p) We put a plastic bag in another so my dad will see less bags we're carrying... Otherwise he'll definitely nag a lot... (Hehe)
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Friday, 12 February 2010

UKM Trip

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Yesterday went to UKM... The main purpose of course is to look for reference books in their library la. (Their library is the biggest library in South East Asia~) Bring it forward coz Jann wants to go home on Friday. Jann shared her liquor-filled chocolate... The Remy Martin's tasted just like caramel or toffee candies. No liquor taste (Disappointed...). Maybe the liquor is already vaporized before I reached UKM. We met Yin as well~ ^^ And coincidentally all of us wearing black! Haha... This is called "心有灵犀一点通"! Before we went to her room to pack her things she went to the reload shop to reload her phone... Then we went to the bus stop to go to her hostel. When we're on the way back home, Jann suddenly realize the chocolates are not with her! So we kept recall back where is the possible place that she'd left the chocolates... And at the end it's the reload shop!!! Hopefully the shopkeeper will not finish up the chocolates (1. It's LIQUOR-FILLED-The shopkeepers are Malays! 2. It's altogether RM120!) and keep the chocolates till her friend get it back for her lo... (Her new year present also left together with the chocolates...) And Daddy hasn't reload for me yet... So if there's anything just call me la coz I won't be able to reply any sms le. Okie... Start doing assignments now~
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Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Lonely... Crazy...

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Lonely... I am so lonely... I am nobody... All on my own~ Daddy mommy Er Jie went to work... San Jie and Ah Kit went to school... I'm all alone at home... T_T Assignments? Internet sources are not enough... And not all are reliable too... Sigh. Wait till Friday I go UKM to explore their library la. This afternoon Ah Ma told me she updated her blog liao... Laugh till stomachache leh... Hahaha... Especially Crazy Family (Cont) Part 1 and Crazy Family (Cont) Part 2... Then just now Ah Jie told me she wants 'abortion'... Huh... o.O (I think our university life is too pressured till a "crazy family" like ours had appeared XD And the weird thing is more and more people are joining in...) Even my bro and I also create a new name for each other: I call my bro 死(许)威杰 and he call me 高(Khaw)欣薇。。。Wa I accidentally brought back home this craziness liao... o.O
刚才去载二姐回家。。。以为老妈子会跟着去的,所以我坐老爸子的后面。。。老妈子没有去所以副司机位就空着。。。结果二姐上车的时候就吓一大跳,以为撞鬼。。。 T_T 看来我真的很 “鬼” 样喔。。。
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Monday, 8 February 2010

Another Day of Huge Emotional Change...

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This afternoon Cai Yi smsed me to ask our full title of CC assignment coz she wanted to ask the *******'s opinion. His reply was: Tajuk yg d pilih ni x kaitan... Cuba fikir2 tajuk ni the application of cc strategic planning in crisis management. (WTF?! Not related?!) I smsed him to explain about that: Public relations is a subtopic under the chapter of Media Relations and we'll do it more specific as in digitally. That stupid ******* still replied the same thing: This topic x kaitan jmpa jumaat nti. (**** him!) In the end I just replied: My group member told me you suggests crisis management so we will do this topic, and his reply was: Yeh ("Yeh" his stupid big empty brain!) # He lets me know that I am MENTALLY VIOLENCE coz I was really angry till I wanted to ask my dearie to steal his police gun so I can shoot him # I do really think we need to beat small people (打小人) before new year. Haiz. (And also ask my Ah Ba to scare him till death!!!!!) This afternoon my mom took me to my sis's school and fetched her (So she can straightaway go to her office and I bring the car back home) She found out our photo in my purse (The one I took with my dearie) and asked about it... She talked a lot (I summarized that as: don't put too much of my feelings into it coz I won't know when he'll change his mind... Both of us are still young and will easily get distracted by other things.) Well at least she's basically not disagree with it... (Wee~ ^^v) Actually today is not too bad afterall =D
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Sunday, 7 February 2010

Back Again! Happy Chinese New Year! ^_^

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Yay! I'm back home again~ (Of course I skipped class, it's impossible we can come back 1 week before the CNY... :p) Yesternight I reached KLIA at around 8pm, daddy came fetch me and then we went back home to put my stuffs... Then we went to my "ex" neighbor's house for their housewarming dinner. Wow their new house was REALLY BIG, it's a 3-storey bungalow (near Jann's housing area oh) and they even have their own small greenhouse to grow plants! When we're about to go back, we have to search every corner to look for my brother! It's just like walking in a maze (Can you imagine how big it is?!) Once Wen reached home after her work, the first thing she asked me was: "What's your weight?" o.O I just told her I gained weight T_T She laughed and went into her room (It's originally "ours" but since I "moved" to Labuan she took over my bed already and now I have to sleep in my mom's bedroom). She is darker than before. So do my brother, coz he play basketball. (My dad: "What? Then I have to sleep in the living room again? Then you better don't come back lo." T_T) When we went to dinner today, my sis hit me accidentally. Then she said: "Oh sorry, coz it's been a while that the back seat was spacious." Sigh. 桃花依旧笑春风,人面不知何处去。(This made me think of Kuan's facebook status... Her friend said my chinese is good :p haha...) Mommy got a new stove and new rice cooker. Other than that, our house is as messy and as old as before XD (I prefer like that coz it has the "home" feeling ^_^) This time, I'll be alone most of the time coz my parents have to work, Wen got her internship, Li and Kit has to go tuition after their class. Haiz... What a lonely new year. When I told my dad I'm going to UKM this friday, he shouted: "What? You just came back and you wanted to go out so fast?" Oh please, I need to do my assignments... "Yea I knew you would told me that." :p Daddy knows me best. I woke up at 1pm today XD Always the bed at home is the most comfortable. Haha... Mommy started to give me work already ("Iron their uniforms, then tomorrow iron daddy's. Tomorrow fetch Kit from school, then go fetch Li. Send her to tuition after that... What do you want to cook tomorrow? Fry food or cook rice? Cook soup tomorrow ya..." etc.) Sigh. Anyway, it's good to be home~ ^_^ (Ah Ma, Ah Jie, Ah Di, don't jealous ya... :p)
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Friday, 5 February 2010


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真的不能顶了... 天啊我们是前辈子造太多孽了吗怎么每次都是我们倒霉的?! 我读书不同的阶段还遇到过不同的老师: 幼稚园:会在学生面前骂老师番薯的校长 (我记到现在!!!) 小学:从别班把某个学生叫来我们班,继续骂那个学生并且打她巴掌的级任老师 中学:不改作业、不教书的英文老师 中六:不会生物的生物老师 结果现在上了大学居然还让我遇到酱 × × × 的教授!!! (请去 气死人!!!投诉、投诉、投诉!!! 的 post 看他有几样衰) 今天本来是我们 presentation 的一天,我们两个礼拜前就赶死赶命酱把他给的 assignment 赶好(本来的题目是 The Importance of Corporate Reputation),上个礼拜还特地去问他 assignment 要怎样做,他就跟我们讲从课本选一个 chapter 来做,害我们要在差不多做完的 assignment 加工(换去 Chapter 4: Identity, Image, Reputation and Corporate Advertising),今天好不容易赶完了看了一整个下午的 presentation 竟然就酱泡汤了! 早知道酱我就不理这个 presentation 去收拾行李准备明天回家!!! (其实上个礼拜我有问阿妈,阿姐和阿弟这个阿伯的 contact details 是什么,结果他们异口同声讲:谁要 save 这个阿伯的 contact details 喎! ...) 我们之前的一组是 Siva 那组,整 team 人都是 debate 高手,presentation 可以不看稿就 bla 一大堆... 而且最惨的是竟然跟我们撞题目! 于是我开始紧张、发抖、发冷、冒汗兼想哭,我们的 presentation 肯定不能跟他们比! >< 我跟阿姐简直是想马上撞墙死掉算了... 结果他们一 present 完那个阿伯就讲他们 present 到离题,要扣分... 到我们这组,才刚把我的电脑接 wire 去 projector 那个阿伯就把我叫过去,跟我讲我们的题目是抄课本的,我们是做 lecture 而不是 presentation,要重新做,新年回来就要 present 过, 所以今天我们什么都没有 present 到!!!(虽然没有 present 到我很高兴,整个人放松下来... 阿姐讲我出去要 present 的时候整张脸都白完... :p) 结果就造成轰动,因为其他的组也是跟课本的题目来做... 原来全班人没有一个听得懂他在讲什么! 全部人做错到完,全部人要重新做过,全部人都不爽这个阿伯!!! 有没有搞错、岂有此理,教 Communication 的竟然一点 Communication Skills 都没有!!!!! 本来还了的书又要重新借过,本来以为假期可以做剩下的 assignment 现在又要做多一个!!! 现在好啰,不能做回 Reputation 了因为跟第一组撞题,害我们要重新拟定新题目(Public Relations: The Digital Generation)!!! 够细了吧?! 他敢再啊唧啊咗就真的叫阿爸去把他吓死!!! 上个礼拜我(故意)用英文问他 assignment 怎样做他好像听不懂酱,采亿用马来文问多一次的时候又扮清高讲英文,要讲又不会讲那种,好像 rojak 酱掺了马来文的 -.-" 他是不是很享受全班人围着他问他 assignment 要怎样做的感受?! 觉得自己很厉害?! Huh?! 最衰以为传言 Mdm Siti 要来旁听结果都没有来!!! 很想给她看到这个场面让她看一下她请到什么样子的教授(当天要 present 的几组共20人围着阿伯问他 assignment 到底怎样做),肯定气到她半死马上炒他鱿鱼! 天啊... 幸好我没有真的撞墙死掉! 不然就死得太不值得了! 死人鬼头阿伯真是累人累物!!! 生又累学生死又累街坊!!! (采亿回去问他我们的新题目的时候他还敢敢问欠扁的问题!!!) 什么烂东西,害我们这几天赶 slide 赶 folio 赶到要死... Printing 也花了不少钱! 害我们叫阿公特地回去换 formal 衣可是结果都没有 present 到 (Sorry ah 阿公)!!! 害我回来要冲多一次凉冷静自己,化悲愤为 shopping 买了一大堆零食! 今天又很巧我的荷尔蒙产生变化,害我的情绪大起大落!!! 还害我破戒,出口成章变粗口成章、出口成脏!!! 本来早上阿爸帮阿 Ky 找回他上个 sem 不见了的 matrix card 差点把他吓死,还有阿妈剪的超级无敌没有人能比惊世骇俗丑不啦叽像马桶盖又肥又圆的香菇头可以笑死我们,但是全部在这个 CC 课之后根本气到笑不出了!!!!! (我和阿姐其实很想大喊来泄愤,但是阿姐怕她的高分贝声音会把整个 beta 的人吓死,所以就作罢了)
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Thursday, 4 February 2010

My Future...

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Suddenly thought that I'm quite okie with programmings. Haha :p Am considering to take Master in Computing or Computer Science or whatever as long as it is related in programming. But it's still quite early to jump into conclusion... Let's see how will I do in my Java this sem first. =) Quoted from Jann: Carpe Diem~! ^_^
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Wednesday, 3 February 2010


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规则: ① 被点者请在自己的网志上打上答案 ② 请传给另外十个人 ③ 传阅人请在这十位被点的人的留言板上通知他,他被点咯! ④ 这当中的十位不得拒绝 ⑤ 被点者请注明被谁点了在哪里接到再传给下十位 ⑥ 这些被点名者,你们被点会祝福 ⑦ 不可回点哦,并且愿望会实现和得到幸福 +坐上幸福热气球,开始咯+ 幸福热气球:第一阶段 ① 绰号:鬼~、阿妹 (还有肚兜、MyVi-不要问我为什么!!! ><) ② 星座:白羊座 ③ 生日:四月九日 ④ 兴趣:听歌、唱歌 ⑤ 血型:A ⑥ 最宝贵的东西:我自己 ^^ ⑦ 最討厭的东西:讨厌复杂... 幸福热气球:第二阶段 ① 有喜欢的人吗:嗯! ^^ ② 有交往吗:嗯! ^^ ③ 幸福吗:嗯! ^^ ④ 他很爱你吗:直接去问他吧... (我觉得他比较喜欢周公啰) ⑤ 如果你有勇气最想是什么:嗯... 不知道噢... 幸福热气球:第三阶段 ① 你被谁点:洛虹!!! (如果不是给面子她我才不做这个 tag 咧) ② 他是你的谁:朋友,变态家庭里我的表妹 ③ 他的个性是:Outgoing ④ 他长得怎样:跟我一样是大脸怪! :p 可是比我高很多... ⑤ 跟他认识多久:到目前为止半年有多了... ⑥ 你想跟他说什么:不要把自己弄到酱出名! ⑦ 如果他变成你的情人:哈哈哈哈 完全不可能 哈哈哈哈... 幸福热气球:第四阶段 ① 最爱的音乐:好听就好 ② 最爱的季节:秋天! 枫叶很美! ③ 最爱的卡通:嗯... 没有吧... ④ 最爱的颜色:白色、蓝色、白色、蓝色... 都喜欢耶可以不要 "最" 吗? ⑤ 最想去的国家:埃及、百慕达三角洲... 我要去探险!!! ⑥ 最爱的水果:蜜瓜、榴莲 ♥♥♥ ⑦ 最爱的饮料:白开水! ⑧ 最爱的人:最爱我的人! ^^ 幸福热气球:第五阶段 ① 你很爱哭吗:还好吧... ② 你很爱笑吗:应该是吧... ③ 你是很有信心的人吗:不是。 ④ 你想要怎样的生活:开心就好! ^^ ⑤ 你喜欢自己吗:当然! (但是我比较喜欢我妹...) ⑥ 你喜欢音乐吗:嗯! ^^ ⑦ 你喜欢体育吗:呃... 不剧烈就好... :p ⑧ 你喜欢跳舞吗:不知道喔,没跳过... 等假期回去学了才知道 ^^ ⑨ 你很专情吗:不知道喔... ⑩ 你喜欢睡觉吗:还好吧。 你喜欢唱歌吗:喜欢 ^^ 只是没有人家唱到酱好听罢了。 幸福热气球:第六阶段开始点名 ①♥ ②MJ ③YK ④HY ⑤EJ! ⑥阿妈 ⑦阿姐 ⑧阿弟 ⑨大姨妈 ⑩阿公 (做不做这个 tag 无所谓,有被祝福就好啦~ ^^) 「五号跟谁谈恋爱」 JJUMF~ 「一号是男的还是女的」 男的 「六号人很好吗」 嗯... 怎么讲,就很阿妈啊... 「二号很色吗」 哈哈哈哈哈哈 对着我可能会啦 哈哈哈哈哈哈 「七号跟三号在一起吗」 不 「八号是单身吗」 不是 「十号喜欢一号吗」 可以做朋友吧... 「五号读那间学校」KDU... 不过快毕业的了... 「六号喜欢谁」 嗯... 主要是JJ 啰。她有二十个老公的咧我 list 不完啦。 「二号喜欢唱歌吗」 应该吧... 这个臭鸡蛋从来不唱给人家听的啰... 「你爱七号吗」 很常... 哈哈 ^^ 「三号住哪」 我家附近... ^^ 「十号跟你告白」 哈哈哈哈哈 慢慢等吧... 「四号有宠物吗」 Err... 有没有啊??? o.O" 如果你有三个愿望,Tell me your wish : ① 开开心心、体重下降 :p (反正体高也上升不了) ② 找回阿爸、帮我立一个神主牌,不要再做孤魂野鬼了... (还要赶快白回去,我不要做黑鬼!!! ><) ③ 我许的什么愿望都可以成真!!! ^^
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Tuesday, 2 February 2010


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Yesternight revised Java with Ah Ma, Ah Jie and LuoHong... Walao... Ah Ma really...! Taught her until I'm almost burst. (Sorry la Ah Ma... I have no patience I have to admit.) But thanks to her also I suddenly understand the lab questions already... Haha... 错有错著... :p Today went to library to teach Ah Gong and Ah Jie Java again... And again I showed my impatience... Sorry la Ah Gong... And he's really...! Finish his Lab1 Question1 for half an hour, then he rested for one whole hour! o.O Don't care about him liao la... It's his problem if he didn't want to study :p LuoHong asked me what will come out in our Mandarin exam, but I heard part of the question only: What will come out in the exam and since we're doing Java I told her: Everything Ms Chin taught until if-else... Then only I realised what she's asking! @.@ Went to jog again in the evening... Then I went to Ah Jie's house to bath, but the senior was using the bathroom... (So ****!!! The whole building have water supply but not my house! @#$%^&!!!) So we decided to go have dinner first before we bath. During the dinner JieFu asked me what's going to come out (in Mandarin's exam) and once again I told him: Everything Ms Chin taught until if-else... @.@ My brain really is full with Java!!! And then Ah Di told me she found something about the codes... @.@ Oh please tell me after the Java exam... I haven't even study for my Mandarin!!! T_T Jann asked me to go UKM next Friday to explore her library~! ♥ Going with Kuan because we need to do research hehe ^_^ She asked me to teach her C++, Java and Multimedia and in return she's going to teach me Tango and ChaCha and how to swim like a dolphin ^^v Free workshop! Haha... (Hey I have it recorded here already you can't eat your words oh... ^_^) Oops... Today used more than 10bucks le... T_T No choice la have to overdraft... 老爸子 faster bank in money for me la... (ErJie if you see this please pass this message to old bean ya :p) Sigh. Get back to work! Let's burn the midnight oil together ba~ (♪♫ Believe me I can fly... I'm singing in the sky... To give the best of mine... Till the end of the time~ ♪♫) p/s: LuoHong your tag I'll do it some time later ah... Now study first =)
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Monday, 1 February 2010


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Actually should sleep at 12am de. Right after I talked with my boyboy. Maybe too excited after talked to him, coz long long time never chat le... Haha. :p Just now Ah Gong and WenMi keep asking me to go clubbing somemore... Luckily I didn't go. If not I sure will missed it de haha :p Today no class oh... ^_^ Coz it's the Federal Territory's Day. Wee~ But Wednesday is going to have 2 exams... Java and Mandarin... Hope Java won't be difficult lo, I can't even understand my lab exercises although I did finish the codes dy. God bless my Mandarin la, have to study China's history and geography leh... Both also my weakness T_T (Confirm die liao lo...) And then Friday have Technopreneurship quiz and CC presentation... Last Friday went to Tiara buffet with Ah Ma, Ah Jie, JieFu, 洛虹(Cai Yi), her 情夫 PeiJie and bearbear... 7 people in a car, met road block somemore. Haha. Luckily the police let us pass. That buffet used around RM50+ somemore leh... Now I only left RM10 for the rest of the week le. T_T (Also one of the reason I didn't go clubbing la :p) Later evening go jogging lo... Have to keep fit leh after the buffet :p Ah Ma said want to play badminton until now also didn't play. Said want to rent bicycle to ride also didn't rent. (Have to teach me also ah...) Jann actually asked me about her Tango workshop de... One on 6th and 7th, the other one is on 27th and 28th... Both also I can't attend, which I wanted to very much. Haiz. Huh. Bla so many things still cannot fall asleep... Sure will become more ghostly lo~ (Just now when we went to have dinner JieFu asked me to transform to my real face to scare away bad guys... =s) Definitely have to stay in room le today, if not 无端端 scared other people then not good lo... :p p/s: 今天阿姐一言惊醒梦中人,有谁知道我的墓碑在哪里啊? 连神主牌都没有一个,现在才发现自己是无主孤魂... 也太可怜了吧...
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