Saturday, 27 February 2010

Another Happy Day =D

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Thought we're going Anjung Ketam to eat seafood de, then don't know who invite us to an aunty's open house wor, so we go lo (actually want to save money only XD) Ah Gong changed his car dy oh, no longer is the Viva but now Wira... Jie Fu can reached 160km/h with the car leh!!! Nah, actually he's driving at 60km/h only... The needle is spoilt de XD Jie Fu said Ah Gong purposely use this car so he can satisfy his own vanity (Coz even if he drives at 40km/h the needle will show 140km/h also... Hahaha...) When we reached the aunty's house, we feel like want to leave la... Coz not familiar also, very odd lo suddenly a gang of strangers going to someone's house... But after that then nothing liao la... Aunty very good oh gave each of us an angpau ^_^ (Wa... My first angpau got in Labuan ah~ ^_^) Then hor the aunty said it's her son's Ah Kwong's birthday also (We heard the aunty said "Ah Gong"... Then I told Ah Jie lo: Oh~ So our real Ah Gong is here! XD) After that leh, Pei Jie them all said want to bath in the airport wor, so they went back to pack their toiletries and clothes. We didn't want to bath in the airport so we went back to fetch Elephant (Previous name = BearBear) to airport... For McD. ^^ Thanks to Elephant also la I can visit Alpha again :p Yuan Nung very weird la, so noisy when in the aunty's house but so quiet in the car... Maybe he cannot tahan our conversation XD Yay Jie Fu uploaded the photos le... (Carelessly I let Jie Fu snap my ghostly face tim... Uh oh... O.o) × Special Photo ×
Me and Ah Jie~ ♥
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