Sunday, 7 February 2010

Back Again! Happy Chinese New Year! ^_^

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Yay! I'm back home again~ (Of course I skipped class, it's impossible we can come back 1 week before the CNY... :p) Yesternight I reached KLIA at around 8pm, daddy came fetch me and then we went back home to put my stuffs... Then we went to my "ex" neighbor's house for their housewarming dinner. Wow their new house was REALLY BIG, it's a 3-storey bungalow (near Jann's housing area oh) and they even have their own small greenhouse to grow plants! When we're about to go back, we have to search every corner to look for my brother! It's just like walking in a maze (Can you imagine how big it is?!) Once Wen reached home after her work, the first thing she asked me was: "What's your weight?" o.O I just told her I gained weight T_T She laughed and went into her room (It's originally "ours" but since I "moved" to Labuan she took over my bed already and now I have to sleep in my mom's bedroom). She is darker than before. So do my brother, coz he play basketball. (My dad: "What? Then I have to sleep in the living room again? Then you better don't come back lo." T_T) When we went to dinner today, my sis hit me accidentally. Then she said: "Oh sorry, coz it's been a while that the back seat was spacious." Sigh. 桃花依旧笑春风,人面不知何处去。(This made me think of Kuan's facebook status... Her friend said my chinese is good :p haha...) Mommy got a new stove and new rice cooker. Other than that, our house is as messy and as old as before XD (I prefer like that coz it has the "home" feeling ^_^) This time, I'll be alone most of the time coz my parents have to work, Wen got her internship, Li and Kit has to go tuition after their class. Haiz... What a lonely new year. When I told my dad I'm going to UKM this friday, he shouted: "What? You just came back and you wanted to go out so fast?" Oh please, I need to do my assignments... "Yea I knew you would told me that." :p Daddy knows me best. I woke up at 1pm today XD Always the bed at home is the most comfortable. Haha... Mommy started to give me work already ("Iron their uniforms, then tomorrow iron daddy's. Tomorrow fetch Kit from school, then go fetch Li. Send her to tuition after that... What do you want to cook tomorrow? Fry food or cook rice? Cook soup tomorrow ya..." etc.) Sigh. Anyway, it's good to be home~ ^_^ (Ah Ma, Ah Jie, Ah Di, don't jealous ya... :p)
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