Thursday, 25 February 2010


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After I cut my hair I received comments... My sis said I looked "yong sui"; my ji mui, my dear and other friends said I looked okie (and more matured... x_x) Then yesterday Shin Yi thought I'm Ah Ma (from the back... wua~ She's trying to say I looked older... ~>_<~) And then yesternight Ah Ky said my previous hair style looked like good girl but now I looked like gangster T_T Haix... Beauty sense is so subjective. Finally finished mid term, Techno also handed in dy. Now have to headache about Multimedia flash, Mandarin & HE assignments... JAVA also don't know have to create games or not. Argh!!! And the CC presentation! @.@ Tomorrow holiday somemore, don't know when only is our turn to present... Haix... At first said want to join swimming club de ah... But still haven't open the registration yet. Maybe this sem don't have. Then hor, said want to rent bicycle de, but the kokum department said the bicycles all are spoilt so they have to repair them... Next week only can rent ah... (><) Then then then... At first thought we can go throw mandarin (抛柑) on Sunday de (shun bian eat seafood in Anjung Ketam XD), but all the cars are not available... Those people ah, rent the cars before CNY starts! o.O So we changed our plan lo... Go Anjung Ketam on Saturday... Still don't have water supply... Now everytime we pass by the water tangki we'll sure take a look at the water level, and it always stopped at one quarter... And definitely still have lots of people waiting to bathe or wash clothes... Sigh. When will the water supply resumes?! Want to drink a cup of tea also have to think twice... Haix...
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