Monday, 22 February 2010

Last Day

Scribbled by Teddie Debbie at 15:21
Today is the last day I'm in KL le... Went back to the previous company I used to work for to visit "old friends"... :p Ieki collected some nice stamps for me oh ^^ (Love Ieki~!) 11am got Lion Dance... Didn't manage to snap photos coz my phone has got no flash. Besides, the Fortune God gave me so many candies and an angpau so my hands were occupied. ^^
Stephanie Ieki~! ^^ Kar Yin
Aunty Lilian went to Paris and London lu... So didn't see her. Carol resigned. (o.O) Like not even a year also wor.
Haiz. Don't want to pack my luggage lar... Don't want to go back... T_T wuwu..........
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