Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Lonely... Crazy...

Scribbled by Teddie Debbie at 23:42
Lonely... I am so lonely... I am nobody... All on my own~ Daddy mommy Er Jie went to work... San Jie and Ah Kit went to school... I'm all alone at home... T_T Assignments? Internet sources are not enough... And not all are reliable too... Sigh. Wait till Friday I go UKM to explore their library la. This afternoon Ah Ma told me she updated her blog liao... Laugh till stomachache leh... Hahaha... Especially Crazy Family (Cont) Part 1 and Crazy Family (Cont) Part 2... Then just now Ah Jie told me she wants 'abortion'... Huh... o.O (I think our university life is too pressured till a "crazy family" like ours had appeared XD And the weird thing is more and more people are joining in...) Even my bro and I also create a new name for each other: I call my bro 死(许)威杰 and he call me 高(Khaw)欣薇。。。Wa I accidentally brought back home this craziness liao... o.O
刚才去载二姐回家。。。以为老妈子会跟着去的,所以我坐老爸子的后面。。。老妈子没有去所以副司机位就空着。。。结果二姐上车的时候就吓一大跳,以为撞鬼。。。 T_T 看来我真的很 “鬼” 样喔。。。
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MichelleJann said...

Kuan and I also facing mental problem, stressed out, just because we can't meet our expectations.... Need a prescribtion... maybe this works haha... try it out and see then =P

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