Thursday, 18 February 2010

Movies Day

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My best ji mui asked me to go for movies today. (Aih... Yin is still in Ipoh, Kuan resume class already. Fantastic 4 became Fantastic 2 liao. Sigh) I went to her house this morning to give her the Adobe CS3, but still cannot install... (How Ah Ky install for me de last time???) Her parents were not at home, they went to work already. Aiya. No angpau... Oh, and I met Lucky!!! Erm... More accurately, he's Lucky Jr. (Lucky's son, we normally call them Kiky) Haha... Apparently Jann needs luck. He's just as cute as his father!!!
Kiky! Cute ma??? ^^ He's an Australian Silky Toy Terrier oh~ (He's too shy to look at the camera...)
We went to Jusco Cheras Selatan to watch "Percy Jackson & the Lightning Thief" first. The movie was okie okie la... Then we watched another movie "Wolfman". I think the werewolves looked more like gorillas than wolves lo... (Sorry ya Ah Ma, coz no time to visit you le, my mom asked me to go home le... Happy 21st Birthday ya once again =]) After the movies, we went to Secret Recipe to grab a bite. After we finished, we continue to chat for another while (Girls Gossips. :p), then only we pay for the bill. However, the cashier told us someone had paid for us! o.O She said it's the three guys sitting at the table next to ours who paid... I asked Jann, but none of us know who are they... Maybe they recognize the wrong person. (Jann said luckily my dear is not around... Otherwise we will have to pay for ourselves... Haha :p) Jann sent me straight back home... But this Saturday is going to see her again... To get angpau :p
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