Tuesday, 2 February 2010


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Yesternight revised Java with Ah Ma, Ah Jie and LuoHong... Walao... Ah Ma really...! Taught her until I'm almost burst. (Sorry la Ah Ma... I have no patience I have to admit.) But thanks to her also I suddenly understand the lab questions already... Haha... 错有错著... :p Today went to library to teach Ah Gong and Ah Jie Java again... And again I showed my impatience... Sorry la Ah Gong... And he's really...! Finish his Lab1 Question1 for half an hour, then he rested for one whole hour! o.O Don't care about him liao la... It's his problem if he didn't want to study :p LuoHong asked me what will come out in our Mandarin exam, but I heard part of the question only: What will come out in the exam and since we're doing Java I told her: Everything Ms Chin taught until if-else... Then only I realised what she's asking! @.@ Went to jog again in the evening... Then I went to Ah Jie's house to bath, but the senior was using the bathroom... (So ****!!! The whole building have water supply but not my house! @#$%^&!!!) So we decided to go have dinner first before we bath. During the dinner JieFu asked me what's going to come out (in Mandarin's exam) and once again I told him: Everything Ms Chin taught until if-else... @.@ My brain really is full with Java!!! And then Ah Di told me she found something about the codes... @.@ Oh please tell me after the Java exam... I haven't even study for my Mandarin!!! T_T Jann asked me to go UKM next Friday to explore her library~! ♥ Going with Kuan because we need to do research hehe ^_^ She asked me to teach her C++, Java and Multimedia and in return she's going to teach me Tango and ChaCha and how to swim like a dolphin ^^v Free workshop! Haha... (Hey I have it recorded here already you can't eat your words oh... ^_^) Oops... Today used more than 10bucks le... T_T No choice la have to overdraft... 老爸子 faster bank in money for me la... (ErJie if you see this please pass this message to old bean ya :p) Sigh. Get back to work! Let's burn the midnight oil together ba~ (♪♫ Believe me I can fly... I'm singing in the sky... To give the best of mine... Till the end of the time~ ♪♫) p/s: LuoHong your tag I'll do it some time later ah... Now study first =)
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