Friday, 12 February 2010

UKM Trip

Scribbled by Teddie Debbie at 10:11
Yesterday went to UKM... The main purpose of course is to look for reference books in their library la. (Their library is the biggest library in South East Asia~) Bring it forward coz Jann wants to go home on Friday. Jann shared her liquor-filled chocolate... The Remy Martin's tasted just like caramel or toffee candies. No liquor taste (Disappointed...). Maybe the liquor is already vaporized before I reached UKM. We met Yin as well~ ^^ And coincidentally all of us wearing black! Haha... This is called "心有灵犀一点通"! Before we went to her room to pack her things she went to the reload shop to reload her phone... Then we went to the bus stop to go to her hostel. When we're on the way back home, Jann suddenly realize the chocolates are not with her! So we kept recall back where is the possible place that she'd left the chocolates... And at the end it's the reload shop!!! Hopefully the shopkeeper will not finish up the chocolates (1. It's LIQUOR-FILLED-The shopkeepers are Malays! 2. It's altogether RM120!) and keep the chocolates till her friend get it back for her lo... (Her new year present also left together with the chocolates...) And Daddy hasn't reload for me yet... So if there's anything just call me la coz I won't be able to reply any sms le. Okie... Start doing assignments now~
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