Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Visit Old Friend

Scribbled by Teddie Debbie at 18:05
Today suppose to continue my assignments de... But not in the mood... Sigh. Ah Ma invited me over to her house also, but my mom said if I go alone then cannot, so end up didn't go. This afternoon did went to Yi Ling's house... She came to my house first, then we went to her house together. She has 2 kids already oh... The eldest daughter is Chloe, 1 years old ++ only... Another one is 3 months old baby boy, called Edmund. (Aiya, forgot snap their photo tim... :p) She moved to Taman University. I just let her paint my nails and play with her kids... Her daughter was so naughty and noisy. Her son was quieter and more passive.
Testing only. :p Yi Ling and Me
I cannot imagine lo. Having 2 kids at this age (She's at the same age as mine), stop schooling, being a mother taking care of the kids at home... I prefer my life now. =)
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