Wednesday, 31 March 2010

JieFu and Jie's Birthday 'Party'

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Few days ago Cai Yi, Pei Jie and I planned to have a celebration for JieFu and Ah Jie... So we went out today... (I accidentally slipped that we're going to town to Jie... ><) Jie asked me why I didn't ask her along... PeiJie terpaksa told her I went out because I want to buy the high heel shoes lo (RM90 leh!!!!! T_T 10 days don't have to eat already...) We had pizza as our lunch somemore... o.O over-budget liao... Anyhow, this is the birthday cake we bought...

Hun Hun & Jun Jun Happy 21st B'day

So difficult to wake Jie up... I had to lie to her that I want to eat something and no one is accompanying me (Bad lie, she knew that cfc is closed already and she heard PeiJie and Cai Yi beside me ><) That bear bear also, asked him to bring JieFu over here he also didn't manage to drag him up fast enough... Haix. Cai Yi keep saying this celebration is not successful, but end up I think not bad lo ^_^ And here's our happy celebration's photo:

The Planner with the Birthday 'Couple'

The 'flower' is given by Ah Gor~

Of course can't left out my pretty handmade card la~ Left: JieFu's, Right: Ah Jie's

All are the results of the Cream War...

Check here for more photos Happy Belated Birthday to JieFu and Happy Birthday to Ah Jie again~
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Happy 21st Birthday Ah Jie~

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Happy Birthday to you~ Happy Birthday to you~ Happy Birthday to Ah Jie~ Happy 21st Birthday~ Wee~! 21 years old liao wor~ Dai gor lui le wor, don't simply go abortion liao la~ ^^
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Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Happy 21st Birthday JieFu~

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Happy Birthday to you~ Happy Birthday to you~ Happy Birthday JieFu~ Happy Birthday to you~ Dai gor zai la, treat Jie better oh~ =)
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Friday, 26 March 2010

Exam Timetable

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Just now suddenly recalled that I need to check my exam's timetable... 21st April (Wednesday) 2pm-5pm: Technopreneurship, Main Hall [Don't know what to read, it seems like we just keep doing our business plan only... o.O] 22nd April (Thursday) 2pm-5pm: Multimedia, Theatrette Hall [Subjective!!! Essay type somemore!!!] 26th April (Monday) 2pm-5pm: JAVA, Main Hall [Best of luck...] 28th April (Wednesday) 9am-12pm: Ethics in IT Industry, Menara 8D [Subjective!!! Essay type somemore!!! Much more difficult than Multimedia!!!!! ><] 2pm-4pm: Hubungan Etnik, Main Hall [I hate history!!!!!] 4th May (Tuesday) 2pm-4pm: Corporate Communication, Main Hall [****!!! It seems like he didn't teach at all!!!!!] *Attention to my Technopreneurship group members: We need to sign up for business plan presentation by next week, the presentation will be held in SSIL meeting room at 5th floor between 7th April to 9th April... Business plan presentation have to be in Microsoft PowerPoint slides and hardcopies have to be prepared for the judges (Mr Tamrin will be one of the judges) during the presentation.*
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Thursday, 25 March 2010

Thankkiu Berry Muchie~

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So many people enlightened me in Java... Tuesday, although Java Lab exercise already handed in, but because of Ah Ma's work I got the correct answer~ Yesterday, I also forgot what Ah Gor told me already, but I managed to modify my assignment to what I want to (Although still imperfect) Then this morning Yu Jin also told me something make me think over of my codes... And now my assignment is considered done le~!!!! ^^ Wee~!
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Tuesday, 23 March 2010


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这样 link 来 link 去差不多整个学校都变成变态家庭的成员了啦... @_@

本来单纯的变态家庭现在演变得越来越复杂了... 洛虹表妹现在是姐夫的红颜知己,洛虹的情夫是姐夫的第二十一任老婆,不只这样,她还是阿姐的 dar dar (阿姐是她的 ling ling),阿弟的阿 Bee... (好乱 @.@) 然后姐夫也有他的阿妈和阿姨了,然后还有... 阿姐帮我找到我的阿爸了!!! 嗯... 就有一天,她无意中看到阿弟阿爸行尸走肉的 “飘” 过... 所以就认定是我阿爸啦! (顺便提一下我昨天溜进教室的时候老师好像没有注意到喔~ 阿妈被我的无影脚吓倒了哈哈) 她还讲阿弟阿爸很瘦很像猴子,所以阿姐也认定他是她阿爸啦! 哇,原来我们的阿爸是同一个人! 可是我不敢跟他相认喔,相隔那么久不见... 有点不好意思咧... :p 阿妈又不甘愿啦,难得她好不容易可以凑够八个老公,结果发现我们的阿爸原来是同一个人... 哈哈... 还有还有一个自认从石头爆出来的鬼阿哥... (明明就小到可以做我阿弟) 不只这样喔,阿公也找到阿婆了,可是自从阿公找到阿婆之后就不去上课,整个颓废了... 阿婆魅力好大喔...

今天和洛虹、洛虹情夫去 Mutiara 找阿弟和阿姐的家婆,阿弟请我吃饭喔~ 然后去她们家阿弟又请我喝茶喔~ ^_^ 洛虹又要 show off 她自拍的技术了,结果... 看她拍到什么?

然后,傍晚的时候我们去海边吃晚餐,吃完就去玩水啦... 今天应该是第一次赤脚走沙滩,都是那个洛虹啰... 我还是比较喜欢 “脚踏实地” 走马路啦,软软的沙很难走咧。明天又去跑步了,难得阿妈和阿姐肯爬起来... ^_^ 希望她们不会赖床啦。
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Sunday, 21 March 2010


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Hm. I should say "yesterday" morning, supposed to have 3 hours Adobe After Effect Workshop de, but because of the inefficiency, we took about an hour to install the software (=.=)!!!!! So basically we just used 2 hours to learn... But 2 hours already too long that we couldn't really absorb what they taught... Aiks, this is the only workshop that can attract people to learn leh, even this workshop also gave people bad impression... I wonder what will happen to other workshops le... @_@ Sure zero attendance dy. Aih. Yu Jin and JieFu attended the workshop for the first time somemore leh. Big apologies to you... Then in the afternoon, Cai Yi still very emo because she lost her thing in the morning so I accompany her to buy some snacks... But I can't control myself to buy an ice cream...! (><) She said she wanted to go McD to eat ice cream so she rented Ah Gong's car to go out in the evening (就像阿妈讲的,屁股痒没事做都要租车出去吃东西 XD) At first Ah Gor asked me whether I wanted to go visit Ah Jie or not de, but hor so few people going... (Only both of us leh...) Somemore I need to rush the Ethics in IT assignment (Although at the end I fall asleep :p) so I didn't go. Sorry Jie~ So in the evening, JieFu, Cai Yi and I went out to KFC (JieFu said want to eat chicken wor, so we went to KFC instead of McD lo) Actually I have to stop eating heaty food because I'm sick de, but since I've already ignore that in the afternoon so I just went ahead... Special thanks to Cai Yi oh, coz she specially ordered a drink without ice for me (Although the ice is actually out of stock :p) And it's mainly fish(Alaskan Fish Burger) and potato (Cheezy Wedges), not chicken, so it's not really totally against the principle (Bu JieFu still managed to tempt me into eating crispy KFC chicken skin!!! ><) Uh oh, all the effort we put in to exercise every morning... Now it's all a waste... T_T Stupid fast food... After we came back, we saw some people playing badminton in the main hall so we went in to have a look (Actually is Cai Yi wanted to go 8 de...) Then I saw Ah Ma and Ah Gor playing against each other!!! So I joined Ah Ma in the game... (Wee~ Finally can play badminton le!!! ^_^) But I'm the one who had to keep picking up the shuttlecock lo. After finished the game I went to Ah Ma's house to bath... Aih. Still need to carry water from kitchen to bathroom. The pump is not really working also, have to wait for so long to just fill in a full pail of water... Cai Yi is so scared that I couldn't wake up to jog today :p (如果你看到我脚底的那个水泡就不会勉强我了吧?)
See... I dare not to burst it leh. Pain de ah.
Nevermind la, since I've already promised you, I'll go jogging la. =)
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Thursday, 18 March 2010


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本来今天生病要翘课的,感谢洛虹帮我签名才不至于 “缺席”... :p 不过后来医生有给休假纸,所以... 还是没关系啦。 还有,感谢阿公 “亲情” 赞助送我到诊所去看病... 本来没有什么大碍的,只要休息休息下就好了,不过既然在这么天时 (上天让我生病) 地利 (学校赞助医疗费) 人和 (阿公主动提出要载我去诊所) 的情况之下,当然要给点面子,把小病化大啦。XD 还要感谢阿妈在我活哀死求之下才肯陪我去诊所 (因为阿公其实是载阿婆出去的,我才不要一个人做电灯泡咧。找阿妈陪衬一下 XD) 所以阿姐,不要妒忌啦,因为其实阿妈也不是自愿要陪我去看医生的。=) [阿妈还讲我把学校的福利用到淋漓尽致... 不好咩???] 还有还有,要感谢的是晚上的时候阿妈还帮我扛四桶水和煲四壶水,让我冲热水澡... 爱死你了阿妈... ~^_^~ 结果那个医生不知道是不是因为我小事化大所以要教训我还是因为我真的病到很严重,竟然开那么多药给我,十天的份量咧!!! O.o 我要嗑药了。
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Wednesday, 17 March 2010

This Week's Workshop (20th - 21st Feb)

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To all my university friends, PMSSIL is going to organize 3 workshops this week which are held in Multimedia Lab (Above Theatrette Hall). The details are as followed: Date: 20th March (Saturday) Time: 9am-12pm Workshop: Adobe After Effect Fee: RM10 per person Date: 21st March (Sunday) Time: 2pm-5pm Workshop: Blender Fee: RM5 per person Time: 7pm-10pm Workshop: Flash (Character Modeling + 3D Animation) Fee: RM4 per person Contact me if you're interested =) Seats will only be reserved after the fee is paid. Ask your friends to come along ba~ ^_^
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生病了 :(

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唉。还以为安装了水喉就可以随时在阿妈家冲凉的,哪里知道它那个笨泵隔几个小时才泵一次水,每次泵的水都不到楼上的... 最近又一直赶着上课 presentation 上课 meeting,老天又一直在翻风... 臭风还大到把 tangki 旁边的 tent 吹翻了,害我不能在 tent 里面冲凉,要在 tangki 那边一边吹风一边冲凉,好啰,现在感冒加发烧了... =_= (等下万一那些 JAKMAS 的人来 summon 我就惨了!!!) 刚刚听说来装水的水车原本是装油的咧... (o.O!!!) 我的脸开始长痘痘了 T_T 什么烂地方,什么烂 water crisis!!! (我不想像阿姐酱 "毁容" 啊... ~><~) 最近真的出 town 出得多了,才月中罢了我就已经要跟阿姐借钱吃饭了... T_T (活该。) 呜呜。要黏着阿妈了(因为要省钱 XD)。时间快快过吧... 好想回家了... :'(
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Tuesday, 16 March 2010


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This morning went to jog again with Cai Yi, YingYing and JieFu... Wakaka, everyday also go jogging, healthy leh~ :p Then Cai Yi suggested we go outside to have breakfast wor. So we went out at 9.10am lo. Ah Jie couldn't wake up so early to go jogging so she just go have breakfast with us only. (When we went into the car I saw Ah Ma passing by, so I asked her to go along as well ^^) After we finish our breakfast, we went back to campus. But hor, on our way back, we met JPJ road block... @.@ That police officer ha... Fool us lo~! =.= Last time when we went back to the campus also nothing happened, that time 7 person in a car (5 girls 2 boys) tim! But this time 6 person (5 girls 1 boy) also kena, sien... He asked us to stop at the side, then he asked us whether we know the limit of passenger in a car or not... Of course we say no la, then he said the limit of the passenger in the car at the back seat is 5 only, so one of us must get down (@_@) I just say "Ha???" and everyone looked at each other... Luckily he let us go after we beg him for awhile... (I can see his lips're curling up lo when we're looking at each other... =.= Call Ah Jie "sayang" when he asked her to tie her seatbelt somemore... 死变态...) Luckily none of us get down at that time, otherwise don't know what will happen le... (Ah Jie seriously got think want to get down lo... @.@" I knew it only after I read her post...) Ah Gor called me to go take photo for the PMSSIL de, since we're going for this photo-taking session so we went back to the hostel to change to formal clothes so we can take the photo for E-commerce course together. After taking the photo for the PMSSIL, (E-Commerce de is cancelled, I also don't know why) I heard that Techno have to do another portfolio about what marketing plan leh... Due date is this Friday... Huh... I thought after the presentation to the Director and the Timbalan Pendaftar then we finish one assignment dy de. :( In the afternoon, we stayed in the podium to online awhile. I got some movies from JieFu, meanwhile JieFu, Ah Jie and I were playing Pet Society at the same time XD we're discussing how to get more Easter Eggs in that game... After that, we went back to our hostel le. Cai Yi suggested to watch movie in my house so they brought some snacks. The first movie we watched was Thai horror movie (猛鬼附身), less than half an hour only then we gave up on this movie le (Coz too scary le). So we watched another movie Murderer (杀人犯). As JieFu mentioned before, this movie is really super duper sien...! Although some scenes were really scary, but still Cai Yi can fall asleep on the chair, Ah Jie fall asleep on my bed and I had to fast forward the movie to finish it faster! Once after the movie ended it's already 4.30pm something, Bell JieJie called me to go to podium to do some work for tomorrow's academic exhibition... When I was checking what materials they had, I took back the pens, rulers, scissors and calendars that they don't want anymore XD Still the preparation of the exhibition took us around 2 hours to finish... Haix. When I reached my room it's already quite late le... After we finish bathing also already 7.20pm... Cai Yi said she doesn't want to go dinner already wor, coz we're always not punctual... Sorry la Cai Yi, Ah Ma just went to bath with me... But after awhile Ah Gor asked me to go dinner wor, so I ma give face to him accompany him awhile lo. (Coz I asked him to go dinner with us at first de) Aih... These 3 weeks are going to be so busy... This Friday have to hand in 2 assignments (Techno and Java lab exercise), next week Monday hand in Ethics in IT, Friday hand in Java lab exercise, coming week Thursday hand in Multimedia advertisement, Friday hand in Java GUI Application... (Wuwu... Last year Ah Gor them all managed to skip this assignment coz Ms Chin couldn't finish the syllabus... T_T) Haix... Going to get crazy le...
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Saturday, 13 March 2010

Free Day

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Today is a day I have most free time in this sem... Early in the morning I went jogging with Cai Yi, then I slept again after I went back to my room. When I woke up in the noon, I started to make birthday cards~ One for Ah Jie, one for Ah Di, and another one for Ieki~ ^_^ If I don't make it now then I don't have time to make le... Can't show it here first, wait till their birthday is here first la =] But I can show you Shin Yi's:
Simple is nice. Although it looked "not-simple". =p
With MY handmade card... Hehe. Although it's just a single card, but the blessing is doubled! ♥ Happy Belated Birthday ya Shin Yi~
Then at 6pm, we went out to have dinner le~ Spent around RM20 leh, this month really over-budget liao lo... =( After that we went to the jetty to take pictures... Kakaka, I'm being the "ghost" again (背后灵)... XD 途中发现阿公的车就算在停着,时速表还会指着100km/h... 天啊连这辆车也有虚荣心,停着都要让自己 “飙” 到时速 100... (o.O) 姐夫今天成功驾到 180km/h 了喔~! We came back at around 9pm... Then Cai Yi asked us to go to PeiJie's room, coz PeiJie will not be around, then I can teach her how to make birthday card for her friend le... Wakaka the whole floor was so messy because of those materials (papers, pens, glue, scissors, stickers, etc etc...) Aih, the installation of the pipes are not done yet, today no water supply again... =(
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Friday, 12 March 2010

Crazy Family Day~♥

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Today suppose to be our presentation day de... We had an appointment with the representative of the Timbalan Pendaftar to present our business plan in the morning, then another one with the Director and last one is CC presentation. The presentation to the representative of Timbalan Pendaftar went smoothly, but now I'm a bit worry... Coz the lecturer postponed our assignment's due date to next Friday... Does that means he wants us to look for the Timbalan Pendaftar instead of presenting to the representative??? @_@ Then, we failed to present to the Director... So unfair lo, we're the first few groups to make appointment with him but end up the other groups which didn't go and make any appointment jumped the queue... :( Now our appointment is postponed to Wednesday le... :(The last one, CC presentation... That ah bek keep saying our topic is a very good topic (Is he trying to praise himself??? Coz he's the one who gave us the topic title...) so we will get high marks... o.O (Uh hum... I think it's the first time I'm not dislike this ah bek le... :p) Wahaha Cai Yi said I'm not dislike this ah bek after he praise me wor, if someone praise me more then I will like that person... Erm... Actually many people told me this before dy lo... Haha, but I'm kind ma XD That's why if people treat me good, I'll treat people good also la ^_^ (Perasan... XD) But this is not the main point... What I want to say is that finally the Crazy Family can hang out together le~! ^_^ Actually only Ah Ma, Ah Di and Me wanted to go to town de, since Ah Di hang out with us so Ah Jie followed us lo~ ♥ We went to the bank to fix our things first, then we went to eat pizza~ ♥♥♥♥♥ Remember last week we planned to eat pizza but failed??? Now we finally granted our wish le~! ^_^ (Purposely write this to let LuoHong jealous de... Wakaka...)

My cute Ah Di~ (In the middle)

Purposely want to do this to make Ah Di geli de... Hahaha

Can see how expensive is the meal from our expression lo...

*Special thanks to Ah Ma who took all the photos for us ^_^ *

After we finished our lunch, we went to Parkson (The only place to get nice clothes...) to hunt for our clothes for the SSIL Prom Night at 10th April... End up we just tested the dresses and didn't buy anything XD Wahahaha... I made a song for that... ♪♫ I love you, you love me, we are crazy family... We go eat pizza, and go shopping together, test the dresses but never buy~ ♪♫ LuoHong was so jealous ooh~ Coz she was presenting to the representative of the Timbalan Pendaftar when we're on our way to town... =p See what we've tested ba...

Looked fat wor... :(

Me and Ah Ma~

Album: Crazy Family Day
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Thursday, 11 March 2010


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Pre-registration again le~ Special thanks to ah di who register for me~ ^_^ My course for next sem: 1. Pemasaran 2. Pengurusan Teknologi Infrastruktur untuk E-Dagang 3. Perakaunan 4. Pengantar Psikologi 5. Sistem Pengurusan Pangkalan Data 6. Bahasa Mandarin Lanjutan II 7. Asas Pembudayaan Keusahawanan 8. Statistik (Not in registration list, they said might change to Matematik Diskrit oh... =() Wanted to change my room and move to Beta (Officially) le~ Hope not too late la =) p/s: Good luck for the coming exam la
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Tuesday, 9 March 2010


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今天的课取消,阿弟的家又停电,所以就过来我们家~ 有他在真的很搞笑... 哈哈... (尤其是讲阿妈的新花名 "自爆自气“, 阿弟的 ”自暴自吸“ 和阿姐的 ”自暴自弃“... 轮到我的时候就无话可说了,因为实在真的想不到什么花名了...) 突然想到昨天陪洛虹去 Unitrade 拿 software 的时候看到一个同学,想到他是我 IT 组的一个 member 就顺便跟他拿一下电话... 哪里知道那个死臭姐夫跟他讲:“你惨了你,晚上不得好睡了...” 当我们 blur 了一下后,他就讲:“等下她从电话爬出来吓死你啊~” (因为现在的电话可以看电视了... =_=|||) 不懂是不是安装水喉的关系,又害到我们的 block 停电!!! ~><~ 幸好这次我在阿妈家... 电脑也放电池了,不然真的很快坏掉... 刚刚做完功课突然想到这件事就告诉阿妈,阿妈就讲:“妹啊~ 原来我太小看你了,你竟然可以从电话那么小的东西里面爬出来耶!” 咦,她是不是想讲可以考虑送我 plasma 电视机了咧??? =D p/s: 现在这个钟数 (2am) 还有水车来装水喔... 他们终于装好新水喉了~ 明天可以在家冲凉啰~ ^_^
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Monday, 8 March 2010

Happy Birthday Shin Yi~

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Happy 21st Birthday girl~ May all your wishes come true oh ^_^
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Sunday, 7 March 2010


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Before going into the topic I want to make a small complain: WHY IZZIT EVERY SUNDAY MY HOSTEL BUILDING WILL HAVE BLACKOUT??!! This afternoon Cai Yi asked me to go to the PMSSIL (Pembimbing Mahasiswa Sekolah Sains Informatik Labuan) Meeting, so I just go lo. Thought can get some extra experience de, since we don't have much activities in this small campus in such small island... The president let us chose which department we wanted to enter first... So I chose 1. Publicity 2. Diplomatic Relations. Then end up I'm in Academic Department... (=.=) But it's not very bad also la, coz at first I wanted to leave it to fate also and see which exco wanted to take me in de :p (Bell JieJie said she chose between me and PeiJie de... Then the workshops normally are set on weekends. Since PeiJie have co-curricular activity during Saturday so she took me lo... Then PeiJie got into Diplomatic Relations le =.=) Cai Yi keep on saying Secretary is a difficult post but still she got into that department also... Hahaha :p The most you don't want to get, the most you'll get it. So fast we've got things to do le oh... My department is in charge of competitions, workshops and etc etc... Hope I can cope with it la ^_^
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Saturday, 6 March 2010


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Today Ah Gor and Yuan Nung treat me Bubble Tea without Bubbles oh~ (珍珠奶茶不要珍珠) Hahaha... Thankkiu~ ^_^♥
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Friday, 5 March 2010


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This morning's Techno class we just listened to seniors' business plan (This plan is getting into competition de oh!) Then then then... Our class's "friend" (batik 男) kept shooting questions lo... Haix. Actually I think their plan works lo. =) (Too bad Ah Di didn't go...) But now when I think back my own business plan... HAIX... T_T 小巫见大巫而已... Wish them good luck in their competition la~ (This batik guy ah... He told his friend: If they didn't learn about engineering then don't talk about it... =.= He learnt before meh???) Afternoon thought we can go eat pizza de... Neh, LuoHong lo... Wednesday that time ate pizza wor, made us wanted to eat pizza so much... So we rented a car to go to town from 1pm to 4pm lo... But when we go to the car park, we didn't see any Kelisa wor... After they made some calls then only we know the Kelisa had some problem so we can't go out le... T_T So we went to cfc to have lunch lo... Then we crapped till 3pm :p Just now the CC finished within half an hour... o.O Coz no one wanted to do presentation... At first I thought wanted to do presentation today de, coz I'll get nervous after I saw others' presentations... Honey's group was the only group presented lo, but still they need to change title... (Whew.) Luckily we got the title directly from Ah Bek. Otherwise we definitely will need to redo everything. Whew~
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Wednesday, 3 March 2010


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前两天都在抗议没有水供,今天又上报纸了…(星洲日报Daily Express… 阿姐讲还以为会搞到很大,结果报导出来的篇幅才那么小…) 有些人还讲如果继续没有水的话就要学校关闭… 可是,如果关闭的话,我们要怎么办? 我们的学业要怎么办? 这些人真是没有长远的想下去… Financing、Marketing 和 Multimedia 还好,应该别的大学都有,换大学还比较容易… 可是 E-Commerce 只有这里才有提供咧,难道要我们换 course? 酱不是在浪费我们的时间了??? 现在这种情况,真的印证了人没有水就活不下去… 我们宿舍没有水,就跑去人家的家冲凉,万一我们整个 Labuan 都没有水,难道要全岛的人都跑去 Sabah? (真是讽刺… 明明到处都被水包围着,偏偏就中间那个小岛没有水供…) 如果连 Sabah 都没有水,难道要我们全部都回去西马? 万一我们的水不能用了,全世界的人要怎么办??? 保护水源的计划早就有了吧… 只是我们都懒得去实行罢了… 不要以为给了水费就可以随便浪费水,现在不是给不给钱的问题,水是越用越脏的… 再不好好保护的话很快大家就没有干净的水用了… 没有干净的水也还没有很严重,没有水才是大问题呢… (下次新年的时候,除了写“米缸常满”之外,记得还要写上“水缸常满”… 还有还有,谁接下来生日的,拜托请把三个愿望的其中一个许成世界水源经常充足吧… 感谢感谢…) 昨天晚餐的时候跟阿妈和阿姐去吃,要找座位的时候又有选择困难症… 等到食物到了,边吃边聊的时候结果发现我讲话讲不正了… 天啊难道我的语言障碍症开始发作了??? 如果是脊髓小脑变性症的话,我应该算是轻度恶化了… ~><~ (看一公升的眼泪看太投入了… :p 印象特别深刻) 刚才吃宵夜的时候我好像在跟 roti canai 搏斗一样,roti canai 好难切喔… 弄到满桌子都是它的屑屑… 阿姐讲我开始很难控制我自己的身体了… (咦,怎么逆序出现那个变性症的症状呢???) 姐夫曾经告诉我专家说多学一种语言可以延长几年的寿命… 假设我从 2 岁开始学讲话,到目前为止我学了 4 种语言,又假设一种语言可以延长 5 年命,这样算一算… 我大概只能活到 22 岁了… 呜呜… 所以要快快学会什么客家话福建话,酱才可以活到至少 30 岁吧… 可是后来想想,这些理论应该应用不到在我身上吧,因为我跟正常人不一样啊,我是半鬼耶… :p 所以应该还可以再活下去吧… ^_^ p/s: 阿 Ky 很不喜欢我叫他小弟弟 (他刚刚好小我一个星期), 所以要我改口叫他阿哥 (因为以前跳班所以现在是我们的 senior)… 我又多一个阿哥了啰~
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Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Big News!

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It's already been a sem that we have no water supply... So few days ago some students here planned to protest about this matter le. However, on the 28th Feb, some VIPs visited our school due to some events (I don't know what event, I went to other people's house to bath le) After the students here complained, they immediately send more small tangki and made the water trucks to come fill the water more frequent (Some say they're just doing some "surface" job... Let's see what's going to happen few days more la). Nevertheless, the protest action was still going on at 8.30pm. I'm not that kind of "geh poh" person la so I didn't go XD I actually don't understand lo, since they're going to send water in, why don't they just fill in the main tangki and let us use the water in our house... (Then I don't have to carry water to my room in 4th floor le... :p) And since the managements have taken action, why they still want to protest leh... After the protest, during midnight suddenly my hostel building got no electricity! ~><~ LuoHong that building also don't have. I also don't know why only ours have no electricity. An hour or so then it recovers le. (Scare die me... ~O.O~) Luckily I wasn't doing my assignment... Otherwise sure will suffer from data loss le... Then this morning the protest action was more serious... I saw from some friends' facebook status, they said even police also came! Wa~ But I didn't go also. XD I also heard the actions were published in newspaper leh! Erm... Which newspaper then I'm not sure la... (Link to the news post: here) Thanks to Jie Fu who uploaded the photos to show us the situations~
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Happy Birthday Yin~

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Happy Birthday to you~ Happy Birthday to you~ Happy Birthday to my Ji Mui~ Happy Birthday to you~ Make 3 wishes~! Blow the candles~! May all your wishes come true and have a special time throughout the year~! HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY~~~
Sorry I can't attend your birthday party... (Unless you're kind enough to buy me the air tickets so I can attend your birthday party la... :p) Great to have you as a friend ^^
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