Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Big News!

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It's already been a sem that we have no water supply... So few days ago some students here planned to protest about this matter le. However, on the 28th Feb, some VIPs visited our school due to some events (I don't know what event, I went to other people's house to bath le) After the students here complained, they immediately send more small tangki and made the water trucks to come fill the water more frequent (Some say they're just doing some "surface" job... Let's see what's going to happen few days more la). Nevertheless, the protest action was still going on at 8.30pm. I'm not that kind of "geh poh" person la so I didn't go XD I actually don't understand lo, since they're going to send water in, why don't they just fill in the main tangki and let us use the water in our house... (Then I don't have to carry water to my room in 4th floor le... :p) And since the managements have taken action, why they still want to protest leh... After the protest, during midnight suddenly my hostel building got no electricity! ~><~ LuoHong that building also don't have. I also don't know why only ours have no electricity. An hour or so then it recovers le. (Scare die me... ~O.O~) Luckily I wasn't doing my assignment... Otherwise sure will suffer from data loss le... Then this morning the protest action was more serious... I saw from some friends' facebook status, they said even police also came! Wa~ But I didn't go also. XD I also heard the actions were published in newspaper leh! Erm... Which newspaper then I'm not sure la... (Link to the news post: here) Thanks to Jie Fu who uploaded the photos to show us the situations~
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