Sunday, 21 March 2010


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Hm. I should say "yesterday" morning, supposed to have 3 hours Adobe After Effect Workshop de, but because of the inefficiency, we took about an hour to install the software (=.=)!!!!! So basically we just used 2 hours to learn... But 2 hours already too long that we couldn't really absorb what they taught... Aiks, this is the only workshop that can attract people to learn leh, even this workshop also gave people bad impression... I wonder what will happen to other workshops le... @_@ Sure zero attendance dy. Aih. Yu Jin and JieFu attended the workshop for the first time somemore leh. Big apologies to you... Then in the afternoon, Cai Yi still very emo because she lost her thing in the morning so I accompany her to buy some snacks... But I can't control myself to buy an ice cream...! (><) She said she wanted to go McD to eat ice cream so she rented Ah Gong's car to go out in the evening (就像阿妈讲的,屁股痒没事做都要租车出去吃东西 XD) At first Ah Gor asked me whether I wanted to go visit Ah Jie or not de, but hor so few people going... (Only both of us leh...) Somemore I need to rush the Ethics in IT assignment (Although at the end I fall asleep :p) so I didn't go. Sorry Jie~ So in the evening, JieFu, Cai Yi and I went out to KFC (JieFu said want to eat chicken wor, so we went to KFC instead of McD lo) Actually I have to stop eating heaty food because I'm sick de, but since I've already ignore that in the afternoon so I just went ahead... Special thanks to Cai Yi oh, coz she specially ordered a drink without ice for me (Although the ice is actually out of stock :p) And it's mainly fish(Alaskan Fish Burger) and potato (Cheezy Wedges), not chicken, so it's not really totally against the principle (Bu JieFu still managed to tempt me into eating crispy KFC chicken skin!!! ><) Uh oh, all the effort we put in to exercise every morning... Now it's all a waste... T_T Stupid fast food... After we came back, we saw some people playing badminton in the main hall so we went in to have a look (Actually is Cai Yi wanted to go 8 de...) Then I saw Ah Ma and Ah Gor playing against each other!!! So I joined Ah Ma in the game... (Wee~ Finally can play badminton le!!! ^_^) But I'm the one who had to keep picking up the shuttlecock lo. After finished the game I went to Ah Ma's house to bath... Aih. Still need to carry water from kitchen to bathroom. The pump is not really working also, have to wait for so long to just fill in a full pail of water... Cai Yi is so scared that I couldn't wake up to jog today :p (如果你看到我脚底的那个水泡就不会勉强我了吧?)
See... I dare not to burst it leh. Pain de ah.
Nevermind la, since I've already promised you, I'll go jogging la. =)
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