Friday, 12 March 2010

Crazy Family Day~♥

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Today suppose to be our presentation day de... We had an appointment with the representative of the Timbalan Pendaftar to present our business plan in the morning, then another one with the Director and last one is CC presentation. The presentation to the representative of Timbalan Pendaftar went smoothly, but now I'm a bit worry... Coz the lecturer postponed our assignment's due date to next Friday... Does that means he wants us to look for the Timbalan Pendaftar instead of presenting to the representative??? @_@ Then, we failed to present to the Director... So unfair lo, we're the first few groups to make appointment with him but end up the other groups which didn't go and make any appointment jumped the queue... :( Now our appointment is postponed to Wednesday le... :(The last one, CC presentation... That ah bek keep saying our topic is a very good topic (Is he trying to praise himself??? Coz he's the one who gave us the topic title...) so we will get high marks... o.O (Uh hum... I think it's the first time I'm not dislike this ah bek le... :p) Wahaha Cai Yi said I'm not dislike this ah bek after he praise me wor, if someone praise me more then I will like that person... Erm... Actually many people told me this before dy lo... Haha, but I'm kind ma XD That's why if people treat me good, I'll treat people good also la ^_^ (Perasan... XD) But this is not the main point... What I want to say is that finally the Crazy Family can hang out together le~! ^_^ Actually only Ah Ma, Ah Di and Me wanted to go to town de, since Ah Di hang out with us so Ah Jie followed us lo~ ♥ We went to the bank to fix our things first, then we went to eat pizza~ ♥♥♥♥♥ Remember last week we planned to eat pizza but failed??? Now we finally granted our wish le~! ^_^ (Purposely write this to let LuoHong jealous de... Wakaka...)

My cute Ah Di~ (In the middle)

Purposely want to do this to make Ah Di geli de... Hahaha

Can see how expensive is the meal from our expression lo...

*Special thanks to Ah Ma who took all the photos for us ^_^ *

After we finished our lunch, we went to Parkson (The only place to get nice clothes...) to hunt for our clothes for the SSIL Prom Night at 10th April... End up we just tested the dresses and didn't buy anything XD Wahahaha... I made a song for that... ♪♫ I love you, you love me, we are crazy family... We go eat pizza, and go shopping together, test the dresses but never buy~ ♪♫ LuoHong was so jealous ooh~ Coz she was presenting to the representative of the Timbalan Pendaftar when we're on our way to town... =p See what we've tested ba...

Looked fat wor... :(

Me and Ah Ma~

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