Friday, 26 March 2010

Exam Timetable

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Just now suddenly recalled that I need to check my exam's timetable... 21st April (Wednesday) 2pm-5pm: Technopreneurship, Main Hall [Don't know what to read, it seems like we just keep doing our business plan only... o.O] 22nd April (Thursday) 2pm-5pm: Multimedia, Theatrette Hall [Subjective!!! Essay type somemore!!!] 26th April (Monday) 2pm-5pm: JAVA, Main Hall [Best of luck...] 28th April (Wednesday) 9am-12pm: Ethics in IT Industry, Menara 8D [Subjective!!! Essay type somemore!!! Much more difficult than Multimedia!!!!! ><] 2pm-4pm: Hubungan Etnik, Main Hall [I hate history!!!!!] 4th May (Tuesday) 2pm-4pm: Corporate Communication, Main Hall [****!!! It seems like he didn't teach at all!!!!!] *Attention to my Technopreneurship group members: We need to sign up for business plan presentation by next week, the presentation will be held in SSIL meeting room at 5th floor between 7th April to 9th April... Business plan presentation have to be in Microsoft PowerPoint slides and hardcopies have to be prepared for the judges (Mr Tamrin will be one of the judges) during the presentation.*
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