Saturday, 13 March 2010

Free Day

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Today is a day I have most free time in this sem... Early in the morning I went jogging with Cai Yi, then I slept again after I went back to my room. When I woke up in the noon, I started to make birthday cards~ One for Ah Jie, one for Ah Di, and another one for Ieki~ ^_^ If I don't make it now then I don't have time to make le... Can't show it here first, wait till their birthday is here first la =] But I can show you Shin Yi's:
Simple is nice. Although it looked "not-simple". =p
With MY handmade card... Hehe. Although it's just a single card, but the blessing is doubled! ♥ Happy Belated Birthday ya Shin Yi~
Then at 6pm, we went out to have dinner le~ Spent around RM20 leh, this month really over-budget liao lo... =( After that we went to the jetty to take pictures... Kakaka, I'm being the "ghost" again (背后灵)... XD 途中发现阿公的车就算在停着,时速表还会指着100km/h... 天啊连这辆车也有虚荣心,停着都要让自己 “飙” 到时速 100... (o.O) 姐夫今天成功驾到 180km/h 了喔~! We came back at around 9pm... Then Cai Yi asked us to go to PeiJie's room, coz PeiJie will not be around, then I can teach her how to make birthday card for her friend le... Wakaka the whole floor was so messy because of those materials (papers, pens, glue, scissors, stickers, etc etc...) Aih, the installation of the pipes are not done yet, today no water supply again... =(
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