Wednesday, 31 March 2010

JieFu and Jie's Birthday 'Party'

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Few days ago Cai Yi, Pei Jie and I planned to have a celebration for JieFu and Ah Jie... So we went out today... (I accidentally slipped that we're going to town to Jie... ><) Jie asked me why I didn't ask her along... PeiJie terpaksa told her I went out because I want to buy the high heel shoes lo (RM90 leh!!!!! T_T 10 days don't have to eat already...) We had pizza as our lunch somemore... o.O over-budget liao... Anyhow, this is the birthday cake we bought...

Hun Hun & Jun Jun Happy 21st B'day

So difficult to wake Jie up... I had to lie to her that I want to eat something and no one is accompanying me (Bad lie, she knew that cfc is closed already and she heard PeiJie and Cai Yi beside me ><) That bear bear also, asked him to bring JieFu over here he also didn't manage to drag him up fast enough... Haix. Cai Yi keep saying this celebration is not successful, but end up I think not bad lo ^_^ And here's our happy celebration's photo:

The Planner with the Birthday 'Couple'

The 'flower' is given by Ah Gor~

Of course can't left out my pretty handmade card la~ Left: JieFu's, Right: Ah Jie's

All are the results of the Cream War...

Check here for more photos Happy Belated Birthday to JieFu and Happy Birthday to Ah Jie again~
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