Sunday, 7 March 2010


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Before going into the topic I want to make a small complain: WHY IZZIT EVERY SUNDAY MY HOSTEL BUILDING WILL HAVE BLACKOUT??!! This afternoon Cai Yi asked me to go to the PMSSIL (Pembimbing Mahasiswa Sekolah Sains Informatik Labuan) Meeting, so I just go lo. Thought can get some extra experience de, since we don't have much activities in this small campus in such small island... The president let us chose which department we wanted to enter first... So I chose 1. Publicity 2. Diplomatic Relations. Then end up I'm in Academic Department... (=.=) But it's not very bad also la, coz at first I wanted to leave it to fate also and see which exco wanted to take me in de :p (Bell JieJie said she chose between me and PeiJie de... Then the workshops normally are set on weekends. Since PeiJie have co-curricular activity during Saturday so she took me lo... Then PeiJie got into Diplomatic Relations le =.=) Cai Yi keep on saying Secretary is a difficult post but still she got into that department also... Hahaha :p The most you don't want to get, the most you'll get it. So fast we've got things to do le oh... My department is in charge of competitions, workshops and etc etc... Hope I can cope with it la ^_^
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