Friday, 5 March 2010


Scribbled by Teddie Debbie at 17:54
This morning's Techno class we just listened to seniors' business plan (This plan is getting into competition de oh!) Then then then... Our class's "friend" (batik 男) kept shooting questions lo... Haix. Actually I think their plan works lo. =) (Too bad Ah Di didn't go...) But now when I think back my own business plan... HAIX... T_T 小巫见大巫而已... Wish them good luck in their competition la~ (This batik guy ah... He told his friend: If they didn't learn about engineering then don't talk about it... =.= He learnt before meh???) Afternoon thought we can go eat pizza de... Neh, LuoHong lo... Wednesday that time ate pizza wor, made us wanted to eat pizza so much... So we rented a car to go to town from 1pm to 4pm lo... But when we go to the car park, we didn't see any Kelisa wor... After they made some calls then only we know the Kelisa had some problem so we can't go out le... T_T So we went to cfc to have lunch lo... Then we crapped till 3pm :p Just now the CC finished within half an hour... o.O Coz no one wanted to do presentation... At first I thought wanted to do presentation today de, coz I'll get nervous after I saw others' presentations... Honey's group was the only group presented lo, but still they need to change title... (Whew.) Luckily we got the title directly from Ah Bek. Otherwise we definitely will need to redo everything. Whew~
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