Tuesday, 16 March 2010


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This morning went to jog again with Cai Yi, YingYing and JieFu... Wakaka, everyday also go jogging, healthy leh~ :p Then Cai Yi suggested we go outside to have breakfast wor. So we went out at 9.10am lo. Ah Jie couldn't wake up so early to go jogging so she just go have breakfast with us only. (When we went into the car I saw Ah Ma passing by, so I asked her to go along as well ^^) After we finish our breakfast, we went back to campus. But hor, on our way back, we met JPJ road block... @.@ That police officer ha... Fool us lo~! =.= Last time when we went back to the campus also nothing happened, that time 7 person in a car (5 girls 2 boys) tim! But this time 6 person (5 girls 1 boy) also kena, sien... He asked us to stop at the side, then he asked us whether we know the limit of passenger in a car or not... Of course we say no la, then he said the limit of the passenger in the car at the back seat is 5 only, so one of us must get down (@_@) I just say "Ha???" and everyone looked at each other... Luckily he let us go after we beg him for awhile... (I can see his lips're curling up lo when we're looking at each other... =.= Call Ah Jie "sayang" when he asked her to tie her seatbelt somemore... 死变态...) Luckily none of us get down at that time, otherwise don't know what will happen le... (Ah Jie seriously got think want to get down lo... @.@" I knew it only after I read her post...) Ah Gor called me to go take photo for the PMSSIL de, since we're going for this photo-taking session so we went back to the hostel to change to formal clothes so we can take the photo for E-commerce course together. After taking the photo for the PMSSIL, (E-Commerce de is cancelled, I also don't know why) I heard that Techno have to do another portfolio about what marketing plan leh... Due date is this Friday... Huh... I thought after the presentation to the Director and the Timbalan Pendaftar then we finish one assignment dy de. :( In the afternoon, we stayed in the podium to online awhile. I got some movies from JieFu, meanwhile JieFu, Ah Jie and I were playing Pet Society at the same time XD we're discussing how to get more Easter Eggs in that game... After that, we went back to our hostel le. Cai Yi suggested to watch movie in my house so they brought some snacks. The first movie we watched was Thai horror movie (猛鬼附身), less than half an hour only then we gave up on this movie le (Coz too scary le). So we watched another movie Murderer (杀人犯). As JieFu mentioned before, this movie is really super duper sien...! Although some scenes were really scary, but still Cai Yi can fall asleep on the chair, Ah Jie fall asleep on my bed and I had to fast forward the movie to finish it faster! Once after the movie ended it's already 4.30pm something, Bell JieJie called me to go to podium to do some work for tomorrow's academic exhibition... When I was checking what materials they had, I took back the pens, rulers, scissors and calendars that they don't want anymore XD Still the preparation of the exhibition took us around 2 hours to finish... Haix. When I reached my room it's already quite late le... After we finish bathing also already 7.20pm... Cai Yi said she doesn't want to go dinner already wor, coz we're always not punctual... Sorry la Cai Yi, Ah Ma just went to bath with me... But after awhile Ah Gor asked me to go dinner wor, so I ma give face to him accompany him awhile lo. (Coz I asked him to go dinner with us at first de) Aih... These 3 weeks are going to be so busy... This Friday have to hand in 2 assignments (Techno and Java lab exercise), next week Monday hand in Ethics in IT, Friday hand in Java lab exercise, coming week Thursday hand in Multimedia advertisement, Friday hand in Java GUI Application... (Wuwu... Last year Ah Gor them all managed to skip this assignment coz Ms Chin couldn't finish the syllabus... T_T) Haix... Going to get crazy le...
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