Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Crazy Family Karaoke Day~

Scribbled by Teddie Debbie at 23:24
Yesterday Ah Di asked us to go Mutiara to have fun... So this morning Ah Ma, Ah Jie and me went to her place. Ah Di took us to have breakfast (Or should I say blunch?) at the newly opened Ole Time, then we went to buy snacks because we planned to watch movie tonight. After that, we went to her house to sing k~ Haha... So long never been so syok dy... They said my voice and Ah Di's voice are alike oh... But of course Ah Di's voice is nicer la... Haha ^_^ At first we said want to sing till 2.30pm then only go back de, but since we spent too much time chatting during our meal so we decided to extend our stay till 4.30pm =p After we came back to the campus we rest awhile, took shower then went to have dinner le. LuoHong asked when are we going to start watching movie, but Ah Jie said JieFu hasn't return the pendrive to her yet so we decided to go to the beach to look for him. When we reached there, we met Ah Ba, Uncle Low and of course JieFu and BearBear with their gang... A boy was playing guitar and they sang a lot of songs~ When we're walking back, they're still singing... So we sang together also~ 情歌王 & 劲歌金曲 1... When we pass by the guard house we're still singing... Haha... Same to cfc... LuoHong said a lot of people turned and looked at us when we passed by... Who cares, haha~ We keep singing till the song ends. After JieFu returned the pendrive to Ah Jie, we went back to our room le. PeiJie was very tired so we canceled our plan to watch movie tonight. LuoHong said want to go sing k again this Friday after our mandarin exam oh~ ^^ I'm looking forward to this Friday oh~ (Hope their facilities are good enough... You know la, Labuan ma)
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