Thursday, 8 April 2010


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Finally, almost all the assignments and presentations are all done (Left Mandarin oral presentation only), I thought I can sleep more to compensate the time I stayed up for the past few weeks... Who knows, this afternoon Cai Yi came to my room (Aiks, can't sleep yet) so we did the Java report together... Ended up she slept on my bed again while I finished up the report (How come they like to sleep on my bed when we're doing assignments in my room???) After Cai Yi went back I thought I can sleep already but she sms me to go to bind the report with her (Aiks, still can't sleep yet) so I went out with her... Then when we go back, we went to bath and have dinner... Jie told us she slept for 6 hours already (So envy... T_T) SO, after dinner, I went back to my room, lie on my bed and went to SLEEP right away (finally). At around 9.30pm, I received sms from Cai Yi asking me whether I want to change air ticket or not (WTF?! @.@) coz most of our friends are going to change the air ticket to 12th July (****!!!!!!!!!!) due to the change of our takwim... @#$%^&*!!! I really hate our school's system!!!!! They set our sem break at 9th May till 4th July but now they changed it to 9th May till 12th July!!!!! I don't know what to do now, changing air ticket will have to pay like another RM100++... (My flight is on 4th July) Which means this flight will cost me more than RM200! ~><~ I can't decide... Cai Yi is not going to change her air ticket already (hers is on 3rd July) so I won't be all alone when I come back here (Thankkiu very much~ T_T) Haix, feel like want to cry again lar... Why everything is going on so not smoothly this year?! ~><~
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