Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Getting Mad!!!!!

Scribbled by Teddie Debbie at 22:20
Tomorrow is Techno presentation already and now only we face problem!!!!! >< Ah Di and me were getting insane because of the problems... Then we decided to get prepared to be shot by the audiences tomorrow... Die jiu die ba. Haix. T_T So sorry to Cai Yi and my dear that I wanted to break my promise because I can't finish this assignment, although I didn't break at the end. Then I thought I can finish Multimedia sound recording by today, who knows the software in the studio is expired... (o.O) When Ah Jie's group finished the recording (using JieFu's laptop), Siva and Yu Jin went back already. Now I don't know how to continue with it. Still I recorded with my own voice. Sorry to JieFu coz have to purposely wait for me to finish my recording before you go back... And now another problem: my hostel. I have already stayed in the campus "illegally" for a semester, I thought I can get a room here "legally". But Cai Yi registered Mutiara (located outside of the campus) for me already, and everyone can only do the registration once. Not her fault, I should be patient and wait for the announcement of applying into different hostel. Now I only can wait for next sem, write a letter to apply to change hostel. Haix... If only time can be reversed. I feel like want to cry already.
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孤寂の木俞竹均 said...

dun cry dun cry...sayang ha...muakxx

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