Friday, 9 April 2010

Happy 21st Birthday to Me~

Scribbled by Teddie Debbie at 23:59
Huhu... 21st years old le... Time passes so fast... Thanks to my bestest friends oh ^_^♥ Jann wished me few hours earlier haha... Then Kuan wished me on time in msn... Then the third one is Ah Ba~! (I also don't know how he get to know my birthday... ^_^) Thankkiu thankkiu~ Yin also... Muaxx to all of you And my lovely ErJie ♥ Chat with her almost for the whole night... Miss you all leh... Muaxx ... Only my ♥ called to wish me... (Thankkiu~ Muaxx ♥) And only received one sms wish from my mommy - Love you~ Muaxx ♥ This morning woke up at 10.30am, Cai Yi said we're going to eat ice at 11am... Have to hand in Java Report before that somemore, rush till... Haix. (Met Afif and his friend on our way to the main building, his friend said I looked like I'm going to faint at anytime... o.O" Is that serious??? Cai Yi told her they should worry instead if I don't look like this... @@") When we reached there we didn't eat ice also. Then then then... Thanks to LuoHong, JieFu, Ah Jie and BearBear... ♥ I was actually very touched de... Muaxx to all of you too (Ah Jie, if want to shit leh, don't shit me la, shit toilet la... XD) Then the rest of the day I wasted it by just sleeping... =p And woke up at 6pm because Ah Gor said want to celebrate for me... McD... Thankkiu oh~ Next year Grand Dorsett ya =p Haha... And Ah Jie's DarDar + Ah Di's Ah Bi... Sore throat liao also sing birthday song to me this AhPiao (阿飘)... Thankkiu la ♥ And the last person who wished me (in msn)... Yik Wei~ Muaxx to you too ♥ ^_^
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2 scream(s):

孤寂の木俞竹均 said...

actually is me told ahba d...wakaka..dun say me heartless la..

synwei × 小薇 said...

Ahba told me he is my ahba that's why he knew lo.
CHEH. You told him de. ==

But anyway thankkiu la ^_^ Muaxx~ You got the most heart la hehe ^_^

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