Monday, 12 April 2010

Masquerade Night!

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Yesterday was the Masquerade Night (also farewell party to the third year students). Before we went to the hotel, I was packing in my room, and then I heard someone knocked my door... We heard that there will be spot check so I dare not to make a sound, nor open the door even I didn't hear anything outside... @@''' Luckily I still managed to escape out of the room before they come back... Thankkiu Ah Jie~ BearBear was the driver yesterday (辛苦晒). I sat with Ah Ba and Ah Jie~ Then of course we didn't miss the opportunity to take photos with Ah Ba la~ ^_^ (Pei Jie said me and Ah Jie have the most pictures in the album... Wahaha...) Too bad Ah Ma and Ah Di didn't go la... If not we can have a picture of the whole family le... → I saw a senior wore the same shoes as mine and PeiJie's!!! Then someone came to tell us that Ah Ma got the award for Pelajar Cemerlang in E-Commerce and they need a representative to take the award for her since she's not there. So Ah Jie made me to go take the prize for her (Ah Jie said: Win liao lo... The senior, PeiJie and you were wearing the same shoes but yours went up the stage!) Kekeke... (Ah Ma was very excited when I gave her the prize... She kept saying "Walao, walao...") See la Ah Ma, ask you to go you don't want. Now no chance to show off your pretty face liao lo.
Ah Jie and Me Ah Ba, Me and Ah Jie~ JiaLing Aunty, Uncle Low, Ah Ba, Ah Jie and Me JieFu, LuoHong, Ah Jie, Me Ah Ba~ Ah Gor~ JieFu~ BearBear~ Uncle Low~ YingYing, Ah Jie, Me, PeiJie
We stayed in the hotel yesternight... And came back at around 2pm just now. Wooh... Back to school le, tomorrow have presentation for Mandarin T_T Photo albums: Ah Ba and Pei Jie p/s: Just chat with Jann, we planned to celebrate our birthday during our coming sem break... Woohoo~! Looking forward to that day ^^
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