Thursday, 20 May 2010


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Before I came back I already wanted to look for a job... A lot of reasons actually, because I want to spend my time do something useful rather than staying at home doing nothing... because I don't want to do housework... (Daddy Mommy and ErJie go to work, Lily and Kit go to school... No one is at home with me, if I still want to stay at home then I really is SIENZ...), because I want to earn some pocket money to go travel during raya break in September... It's the 2nd week already I've start working, and my time got messed up... Because of the OT I guess... Once I reached home the first thing I'll do is sleep... Even if I set the alarm to ring in an hour I still couldn't hear it... Haix... When I woke up it's usually 1 or 2 am already... Then only I quickly go bath... So now I'm waiting for my hair to dry... @@ When I switch on my laptop I saw the video clip for the HSK Listening exam... HAIX... Clever me, I sealed the exercise book into the box and stuffed the box into the store room already... After I go back and get my box I only have 2 weeks to finish study the whole thing... HSK is on 18th leh... =S Just now when I read Cai Yi's blog, I felt the same too... But there's a difference, she was given her first choice while I was given my ninth choice... Who ask me to ruin my STPM? Haix. I actually very envy Jann lo. Now she joined the Pesta Tanglung and need to do videos, can learn a lot of things leh. She even asked me to go to make videos with her. Can learn Adobe After Effect at the same time. (If you could remember, last time the AAE workshop didn't go well, we couldn't absorb much...) Daddy said wor, everytime I come home he had to sleep at living room... ErJie lo, didn't tidy up the room, I had to sleep in the Mommy's bedroom... (正所谓有房归不得...) And ever since I went to Labuan, the car seats become more comfortable for them... Now I've came back, they said I'm the extra one... T_T 被遗弃了...
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