Sunday, 23 May 2010


Scribbled by Teddie Debbie at 23:15
It's Sunday again~! Yesterday Jann asked me to go Mid Valley with her to look for blazzer today, so this morning I went to her house at 9am... She told me Kuan is going to~ Luckily I went to her house to wait, she dragged and dragged till 10.30am then only depart to KTM... (At first she told me to go at 10am) The train now has a special carriage for women, but when we got into that carriage there's no aircond! All of us were sweating like hell... (Me as water pail also sweat like I'm having a bath... =.=) Once we reached the station we stood in front of the fan to cool ourselves down first... So we walked around checking for the blazzers for Jann... Her exco set a lot of requirement lar... Girls' blazzers have to have 2 buttons, no lines, royal black, plain design... Boys' blazzers have to have 3 buttons, no lines, royal black and plain design... (Her friends asked her to check for boys' too while they check the blazzers at the other places) She's satisfied with the one we saw in G2000, but her exco said better to have a tailor-made blazzer... Kuan at first told us she wanted to eat first, then she can tell us story... Huahahaha... We're the first to know ♥ (Yin, ask her personally la if you want to know, maybe she's not ready to let more people know leh) We sat in the sushi restaurant chatting everything from school to assignments to Kuan's secret to our birthday celebration for a very long time~ Then only we continue to look for blazzer~ After that I thought we can go sing k de, but Kuan said Red Box Happy Hour K time is 2pm to 5pm, that time also almost 3pm le, so they said not worth it wor. So next time lor. I said want to watch movie de, they ask me to watch with other people wor, coz they don't want to "waste time" in the cinema. So we continue to window shopping lo. After walked for some time, we felt a bit hungry but it's not dinner time yet, so we go look for ice creams~ At first we want to eat Haagen Daz de, but tooooo expensive leh... So we eat Baskin Robin lo. After having ice cream we look for a place, sat down and keep chatting till 7pm then only we go look for KFC as our dinner. (Because suddenly we missed the crispy fried chicken skin... =p) But KFC was so crowded we decided to eat pizza instead. At the end, we didn't buy anything... Jann also decided to have a tailor-made blazzer, but at least we had a nice time together la~ ♥ Looking forward to the next time we gather oh ♥
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Kuan 袀 said...

I miss the green tea icecream. Really miss it~~ ^^

Erm...think the plan cannot go on smoothly lo...he's not coming this week...dont ask me manja with him la...he not even ready to let other knows. two of u are the first to know =p

synwei × 小薇 said...

Owh. Okie lo. Sure got chance to meet him de. =)

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