Friday, 11 June 2010

Childhood Memories ♥

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My sis suddenly woke me at 2.30am something just to tell me she uploaded our childhood photos in facebook... (Album: Childhood Memories)
When my sis was still in the baby-walking-wheels, she already started to follow us everywhere ♥ (Look carefully, that little Tiger was mine) I'm in red, the fat one is my sis XD See how difficult I hugged her? But I still loved to hug her anyway ^^♥ (Then I gave the little Tiger to her, I took the Big Rabby XD Loved stuffed toys since young) 排排坐, 吃果果 My sis at the left, me at the right - Holding each others hand and walk to everywhere together~ ♥ This is where we lived for 20 years Ribbons~ Mommy started to love to dress us in the similar clothes and same hairstyle~ I wonder why my sis always looked so emo (She said she always looked like that when she has no expression!) Smile cheerfully, like me~ Cheese~ Still the same clothes, after we've grown up a bit~ (Oops! My head started to grow bigger! ><)
Oh I do miss the good old memories as well... But too bad we don't have a scanner to have it all scanned into the computer to share, our camera suddenly can't switch on at all after we've uploaded these into facebook... p/s: my sis's friend commented in one of the photo that if one looked cute when he/she was a kid, he/she will not look cute when he/she grows up... T^T (I'm one of it.) Well, my sis do not look cute, but pretty~
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孤寂の木俞竹均 said...

I was more cute than u wo...haha...
I m cute now oso since no one said that I m pretty!!

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