Sunday, 13 June 2010

Jann's Birthday Outings~

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After planning for some time, finally this day arrived~! So after work, my deardear fetch me to Kuan's house~ Then we go to IOI mall for the Korean Buffet le~! The reason why we chose to have the gathering in The Seoul Garden is because we won the 15% discount voucher~ (Go check The Seoul Garden's website to enter the contest) Thanks to my sis, she was too free during her working time, free till she had to kill her time by entering these contest... XD When we reached IOI mall, we first had our lunch at A&W... Then we went to walk around at other shops. Bought a 8 in 1 CDs with 109 instrumental songs~♥ Then only we go search for The Seoul Garden. Coincidentally, Jann's last year's birthday gathering also is barbecue steamboat (in Yaki-Yaki)! But it's quite weird, coz they don't allow to add oil on the hot plate (They said is quite dangerous wor...), the steamboat pot is so small...??? We really don't know how to boil food inside at first lo... But at the end we still managed to eat till our stomach almost explode XD
The Fantastic 4~! (Christy Khaw Sue Kuan... Haha) I should change my position with Jann... So these are the food~ Bloody Michelle! - Creator: Michelle Michelle had to be the camera-girl even she's the birthday person XD Sorry ya~
After we finished, we went back to Kuan's house~ We opened a bottle of wine while watch short films she got... Wao, 6% alcohol volume only, and I looked like I'm drunk! Whole body redden, even my eyes also... (My sis thought I cried...!) Felt dizzy somemore... And of course, got scolded from parents... =p Well, just once is enough... No next time le... p/s: Too 'bad' Jann didn't take down the photos we all drunk, face redden like monkey's butt XD And also finally inserted the musics into my lappie le~ ^_^ Otherwise I think I need to get a walkman lu...
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