Friday, 30 July 2010

Streamyx's here~!

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This morning heard got Psychology class. It has been no class since the semester starts... =.= Many friends are considering to drop Psychology and add Art Literacy lo. Who knows this class canceled as well. =.= Since the streamyx technician called and say he will come to fix the line today, so just go back to my room lo~ Yay~! Streamyx line is here, I can online whenever I want le~ Smoother and faster than broadband~ ^^
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Thursday, 29 July 2010


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今早刚上完课阿弟就问我和阿姐四点半要不要去 Manikar Beach Resort 游泳 (其实 '玩水' 比较贴切) 可是老天一直阴阴的, 雨又好像要下不下酱... 所以就跟阿弟讲如果阿姐有去我也去啰。(会去 Manikar 是因为女生宿舍还没装修好, 学校让一部分女学生住进去的) 到下午阿弟又问我到底要不要去, 我说阿姐有去我就去啰, 阿弟就兴奋到像水母酱, 因为阿姐有去 (因为他一直在 "Wee~!" 我后来才知道这个是他扮水母会发出的声音) 怎知道我们一去车站就看到巴士开走了... 然后天又下起毛毛雨... 我就跟阿弟讲我不想去了啰... 阿弟就讲:"上次盈莲也是因为这里下雨下到像屁股酱大所以没有去, 可是 Manikar 那里一点雨都没有..." 我们就看着阿弟, 说:"你屁股没有很大啊。" 阿弟无言... XD (阿弟最近都用屁股做形容词) 后来去到那里换衣, 大家就跑下泳池开始玩水了... 阿弟就一直要教我 "潜" 下水去, 害我耳朵进水... 后来靓女彩凤安娣 (不加靓女她会骂我 =p) 玩后仰, 全部人都开始玩这个啰... 阿弟不是 "潜" 水, 就是一直在 "Wee~!" 扮水母 =.=" 可是我后来也会后仰啦~ 结果我全程都在扮 "浮尸" 因为在水里站不起来... (阿弟最了解这种心情 ^^) 后来大家玩到不知道时间, 随便打包炒饭就回去了... 采亿和阿湘讲我以后不怕溺死因为我可以扮 "浮尸" 浮起来 =.="
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Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Miss Home

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Yay! Finally the TM technician is here to set up the phone line, after 3 working days then the streamyx technician will set up our streamyx line~! Woohoo~ Called daddy and mommy to tell them about this and to cancel the digi broadband (which Cai Yi and I used to online since we've came back here) Owh I missed them sooo much... After the streamyx is installed then I can online whenever I want in my own room and can chat with daddy and mommy anytime le~ ^^ Ah, another matter... I thought I'm 'childish' enough to bring back my big bearbear... Who knows my roommate Cai Yi and Ah Jie played with bearbear more than I do (I just hug it to sleep nia) @@ I'll find some way to snap their photo when they play with bearbear to show how 'playful' they are, okie? =p
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Monday, 19 July 2010

Finally Back...

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Yesterday was the day we went to KK to take the HSK (Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi) exam... So we had to plan for the accommodation and transportation from here to KK. Mr Chong has retired, so we can only plan it by ourselves... Cai Yi said she started to feel regret coz Mr Chong just left everything to ourselves to settle and we still need to pay another extra hundred for accommodation and transportation... So. Because of Cai Yi, and thanks to Cai Yi, I (as a secretary of the Mandarin class... Haix. T_T) have to write letters to inform the lecturers that we're going to miss a class on Monday, apply for hostel in main campus and transportation to main campus. Within 5 days. It has been sooo busy for me to go Students Affair Dept, Administration Dept and PPIB Dept to settle the applications... Too busy till I almost forgot my mom's birthday. Had to wish her belated birthday somemore... Thanks to monitor also coz he spent a lot in calling so many person-in-charge within this week. And thanks to Cai Yi coz she stayed in our room to supervise the technicians to fix our fan. =) So, following are our summarized schedule. 17th July 2010 (Saturday) - Wait, wait, wait. We reached the main building in our school at 6am, waited for the boys for around a quarter of an hour, then waited for the driver to send us to the harbour for around half an hour. After that, we spent another 2 hours in the ferry, 3 hours in the bus and another 2-3 hours to check in the hostel. (I met Shet Teng! She's keeping her hair long!! Aiks I just chatting with her till I forgot to take photo with her... ><) At 5pm, we went to 1Borneo to window-shop around~ But just managed to try on a skirt, then we have to leave already. Sigh. 18th July 2010 (Sunday) - Exam Day! Monitor said wanted to visit the library in the main campus, otherwise it would've been very 'sia-sui' for us as UMS students wor. So we went there at around 10.30am (waited for the bus for around an hour). The library there was big, but probably it's Sunday, not many people will go to the library so they didn't switch on the aircond. (=.=") After that, we went to the PPIB building to register ourselves. But we also spent another hour to wait for the officer to come register us... Well, the exam was not as tough as we imagined... Mr Chong brought us to hi-tea and showed us the tourist spot (we girls actually just wanted to go 1Borneo lo...) Plus it's raining so we can't see many things. Last station was 1Borneo, but we didn't go window-shopping also, because we have to stay with Mr Chong... :s 19th July 2010 (Today) - Tired Chilli sms-ed me early in the morning before my alarm ring. (=_____=) Slept in the bus for 3 hours, then another 2 hours in the ferry. Seems like I coudn't have enough sleep lar... @@ After we came back then I took nap again... Till 4pm then only we prepare to our Mandarin class. Overall, now only we feel our campus is sooo much better than the main campus in KK... We don't have to wait for the bus, lecture hall is just a walking distance (except for the food provided in the canteen (Yucks!) and the water shortage (Going to fix soon)), school rules also not as strict... =) p/s: There were some funny incidents during mandarin class just now... Check out Ah Jie's blog ba =p
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Thursday, 15 July 2010

Nail Polish Committee~!

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Since Ah Shiang stay right a level below our unit, visiting her house every night has become our routine =p And since we played with her nail polish on the first night we stayed in campus, we LOVED to paint our nails after we settled in our new room~ Ah Shiang do have her own friends as well, they go to her house to bath everyday since their block do not have water supply yet, so they will also stop by her room to paint their nails together, and the number of person is just enough to form a Nail Polish Committee~! See, yesterday we paint our nails in these colors:
My "worm's" green nail polish (Coz she said uni-color is more formal wor... I love this green very much leh) My candy-colored nails~! ^^
So sorry to xian xian coz I'm so clumsy till kept scratching my paints and need to re-paint my nails again... I'll be more careful de le...
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Wednesday, 14 July 2010

I have New Pet! ♥

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Everyone should've know who is Cai Yi. I have to say she understand me very well till I have to say she's just like the worm in my stomach~ (肚子里的虫) So~ Cai Yi is my new pet - The Worm In My Stomach (a.k.a. tapeworm)~! ♥
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Saturday, 10 July 2010


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After everything has been 'settled down', we went out to buy some daily necessities. So we went to Financial Park by shuttle bus at 11.30am... BUT end up we went there by mini bus coz don't know why no shuttle bus is ready to send us out. So once we reached the mall, the first thing we bought was not necessities, instead we bought nail polish XD The night on the first day we stayed in the Semi Detached house beside our hostel we were so boring till we played with nail polish =p That's why we have the mood to paint our nails...
I painted this on the first night I'm in the campus (I know, very ugly...)
And after we got all the necessities, I suddenly have the mood to check for contact lens... I thought I would just ask for the price for it, but the ophthalmologist got me a pair of contact lens after she checked my eyesight... So I just pay for it lo, since I also wanted to try =p The ophthalmologist taught me to wear the contact lens, but I only managed to wear on right eye... She can't stand I wear for sooooo long so end up she wore the left lens for me XD Once we came back to Ah Jie's room, we paint our nails with the newly bought nail polish ^^ We also chat till the evening then only we prepare to go watch the closing ceremony for the juniors (Ah Ma sms Ah Jie yesternight: what manja juniors, it's more likely matikan seniors lo!) The closing ceremony ended much earlier than last year! We can only go back to our room at 12am but they ended it at 10pm this year!!! >< So unfair!!!
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Thursday, 8 July 2010

Fed Up...

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I've been here for a week, and not even a week - I've already move for 2 times! So fed up... Shifting from one hostel to another, luggage moving in and out, cleaning all the rooms we stay... And yet we're still not sure the hostel we're staying now is temporary or permanent! I heard the theme this year is to pamper the juniors - They don't want to let the juniors leave the campus when they see the situation in campus! Argh... The female juniors are allocated in Mutiara while male juniors are allocated in the Semi Detached house right behind our hostel... (OMG tomorrow they sure will be awaken by the morning call around 4.30am, we have to wake up at the same time with them...) Another thing is, I've just checked the room I stored my stuffs - It's all been messed up! I can't even see my things in there... A senior told me the boxes and bags were being opened, some of their things lost... My friend couldn't even see her refrigerator and printer anymore...! I just couldn't imagine what will happen to me IF my stuffs were lost... >< Now the canteen were being 'monopolied', no vegetarian stall, no fruits, no fried bananas anymore... Haix... Canteen food cannot be eat anymore... For one moment I hate here so much...
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Wednesday, 7 July 2010


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Saturday, 3 July 2010

Leaving Soon...

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呜呜呜… 明天就要回去那个鸟不拉屎的荒岛了,想做的都做了吧… ? 1. 做工赚钱去玩 -- √ 2. 看电影 -- √ (可是还没看完,错过了 Ice Kacang Puppy Love, The Kidnappers, The Bounty Hunters, Letters to Juliet, The Karate Kid, The A Team… Eclipse 居然在我回去四天后才上映… T_T) 3. 看 3D 电影 -- √ 4. 帮娟庆祝生日 -- √ (连酒都喝过醉过了 XD) 5. 唱 K -- √ (还是跟姊妹唱比较过瘾 ^^ 在此特别感谢阿妈关照让我们唱足五个小时~ 我这几天应该是暂时成为哑巴了) 6. 买衣服 -- √ 7. 去 Petrosains -- √ (还是有一些没有玩到…) 8. 吃榴莲 -- √ (其实还不够 =p) 9. 喝汤 -- √ 10. 跟姊妹聚聚 -- √ 11. 吃 Donashi -- √ 12. 吃螃蟹大餐 -- √ (今晚就去吃 ) 连 golf 都去玩过、看着莙长大了,应该没有什么了吧… 喔对! 娟还没有教我跳舞、教我游泳、教我 Adobe After Effect… (唉算了吧,她自己也没有时间教我了) 好吧,想做的都做完了,明天应该走的安心了… 再见老爸子老妈子二姐三姐和 Kiwi,我的一柜子衣服,我的小 bearbear 们,我的 Potato,我的姊妹… p/s: 洛虹! Hotel 房间开好等我啊… =p
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