Saturday, 10 July 2010


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After everything has been 'settled down', we went out to buy some daily necessities. So we went to Financial Park by shuttle bus at 11.30am... BUT end up we went there by mini bus coz don't know why no shuttle bus is ready to send us out. So once we reached the mall, the first thing we bought was not necessities, instead we bought nail polish XD The night on the first day we stayed in the Semi Detached house beside our hostel we were so boring till we played with nail polish =p That's why we have the mood to paint our nails...
I painted this on the first night I'm in the campus (I know, very ugly...)
And after we got all the necessities, I suddenly have the mood to check for contact lens... I thought I would just ask for the price for it, but the ophthalmologist got me a pair of contact lens after she checked my eyesight... So I just pay for it lo, since I also wanted to try =p The ophthalmologist taught me to wear the contact lens, but I only managed to wear on right eye... She can't stand I wear for sooooo long so end up she wore the left lens for me XD Once we came back to Ah Jie's room, we paint our nails with the newly bought nail polish ^^ We also chat till the evening then only we prepare to go watch the closing ceremony for the juniors (Ah Ma sms Ah Jie yesternight: what manja juniors, it's more likely matikan seniors lo!) The closing ceremony ended much earlier than last year! We can only go back to our room at 12am but they ended it at 10pm this year!!! >< So unfair!!!
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