Thursday, 8 July 2010

Fed Up...

Scribbled by Teddie Debbie at 22:40
I've been here for a week, and not even a week - I've already move for 2 times! So fed up... Shifting from one hostel to another, luggage moving in and out, cleaning all the rooms we stay... And yet we're still not sure the hostel we're staying now is temporary or permanent! I heard the theme this year is to pamper the juniors - They don't want to let the juniors leave the campus when they see the situation in campus! Argh... The female juniors are allocated in Mutiara while male juniors are allocated in the Semi Detached house right behind our hostel... (OMG tomorrow they sure will be awaken by the morning call around 4.30am, we have to wake up at the same time with them...) Another thing is, I've just checked the room I stored my stuffs - It's all been messed up! I can't even see my things in there... A senior told me the boxes and bags were being opened, some of their things lost... My friend couldn't even see her refrigerator and printer anymore...! I just couldn't imagine what will happen to me IF my stuffs were lost... >< Now the canteen were being 'monopolied', no vegetarian stall, no fruits, no fried bananas anymore... Haix... Canteen food cannot be eat anymore... For one moment I hate here so much...
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