Monday, 19 July 2010

Finally Back...

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Yesterday was the day we went to KK to take the HSK (Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi) exam... So we had to plan for the accommodation and transportation from here to KK. Mr Chong has retired, so we can only plan it by ourselves... Cai Yi said she started to feel regret coz Mr Chong just left everything to ourselves to settle and we still need to pay another extra hundred for accommodation and transportation... So. Because of Cai Yi, and thanks to Cai Yi, I (as a secretary of the Mandarin class... Haix. T_T) have to write letters to inform the lecturers that we're going to miss a class on Monday, apply for hostel in main campus and transportation to main campus. Within 5 days. It has been sooo busy for me to go Students Affair Dept, Administration Dept and PPIB Dept to settle the applications... Too busy till I almost forgot my mom's birthday. Had to wish her belated birthday somemore... Thanks to monitor also coz he spent a lot in calling so many person-in-charge within this week. And thanks to Cai Yi coz she stayed in our room to supervise the technicians to fix our fan. =) So, following are our summarized schedule. 17th July 2010 (Saturday) - Wait, wait, wait. We reached the main building in our school at 6am, waited for the boys for around a quarter of an hour, then waited for the driver to send us to the harbour for around half an hour. After that, we spent another 2 hours in the ferry, 3 hours in the bus and another 2-3 hours to check in the hostel. (I met Shet Teng! She's keeping her hair long!! Aiks I just chatting with her till I forgot to take photo with her... ><) At 5pm, we went to 1Borneo to window-shop around~ But just managed to try on a skirt, then we have to leave already. Sigh. 18th July 2010 (Sunday) - Exam Day! Monitor said wanted to visit the library in the main campus, otherwise it would've been very 'sia-sui' for us as UMS students wor. So we went there at around 10.30am (waited for the bus for around an hour). The library there was big, but probably it's Sunday, not many people will go to the library so they didn't switch on the aircond. (=.=") After that, we went to the PPIB building to register ourselves. But we also spent another hour to wait for the officer to come register us... Well, the exam was not as tough as we imagined... Mr Chong brought us to hi-tea and showed us the tourist spot (we girls actually just wanted to go 1Borneo lo...) Plus it's raining so we can't see many things. Last station was 1Borneo, but we didn't go window-shopping also, because we have to stay with Mr Chong... :s 19th July 2010 (Today) - Tired Chilli sms-ed me early in the morning before my alarm ring. (=_____=) Slept in the bus for 3 hours, then another 2 hours in the ferry. Seems like I coudn't have enough sleep lar... @@ After we came back then I took nap again... Till 4pm then only we prepare to our Mandarin class. Overall, now only we feel our campus is sooo much better than the main campus in KK... We don't have to wait for the bus, lecture hall is just a walking distance (except for the food provided in the canteen (Yucks!) and the water shortage (Going to fix soon)), school rules also not as strict... =) p/s: There were some funny incidents during mandarin class just now... Check out Ah Jie's blog ba =p
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