Thursday, 19 August 2010


Scribbled by Teddie Debbie at 13:11
It's the ghost month... Maybe my luck is low so I fall sick at this moment. Yesternight Ah Jie went out to dinner with her friend. Her friend told her, few days ago he was frightened when he saw me - I wasn't wearing makeups [o.O"] He said I looked pale (*ahem* FYI, I AM pale.) and asked Ah Jie whether I'm sick. Well, I AM sick. Sigh. This morning I almost lost my voice. Someone advice me not to wander around... (especially without make ups, during the night xD) So friends, if you 'think' you see something you shouldn't see, that's probably me. =p
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Ivy K. said...

It's not about your luck. It's because GOD doesn't want you to scare people around in this month, so He made you sick.

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