Tuesday, 17 August 2010


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Sick already. Since Saturday we went to eat Bak Kut Teh, I had sore throat, then it became cough, and now I have flu as well. Sigh. According to past record, I will fall sick for about a month. T_T Seems like I'll fall sick every semester... Haix.
VJ and Suresh came last Saturday. So free of them to come for a trip, I managed to have breakfast with them on Sunday morning only (McD... No wonder fall sick. They chat about house chores... Is it a normal topic for guys to chat about???) coz Saturday night I've already promised Cai Yi and Ah Jie to eat Bak Kut Teh, if VJ inform me few days before that they're coming then definitely I can join them on that night de... They told me Yuan Nung was drunk on Saturday night and tell a lot of sh*t (They said the 'nightclub' here is just 'lounge' @@) haha... Guess it's good that I didn't join them also =p
(I wonder when will my besties come???)
Today the committee list of Ang Pau Night (APN) is out, and I'm not in the list. Still felt disappointed la, although I knew I already ruined the interview. Cai Yi definitely managed to get into both Japanese Culture Night (JCN) and APN de. Even Ah Jie and Ah Di also a committee member in JCN. Seems like I'm the only one so inactive. Sigh. (Don't know how to write my resume after I graduate tim, my academic is also not good enough.)
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