Tuesday, 14 September 2010

10th September - Back to Labuan~

Scribbled by Teddie Debbie at 14:33
Our express boat is 8am. This time we didn't get to sit VIP seats coz it's already sold out. But it's okie, coz it doesn't matter to me ^^ After we got into the boat, we just simply took a seat (We thought it's free seating all the way, and no one follows the seat numbers in the WHOLE boat!) Then here comes a lady with 2 guys. Insisted to sit according to the seat number. Uncle Alvin Yan keep telling us we don't have to move coz no one sit according to the seat number, besides there must be some other people sitting at our seats too. But the lady insisted. She even called the crew. ==" Okie fine then. So we moved behind. Case closed. After we reached the harbour, we split into 2 groups as the car didn't have enough space to fit in everyone and the luggage. Then we search for restaurants which open for lunch. We went to 2 restaurants and they're closed! @@ End up we went to McD. New products - Cheesy Shakers!
Place the large fries in the shaker bag given~
Add in the cheese powder~
Shake shake shake~!
Tada~! Yummy~
We love Happy Meal~
Erm... The Powerpuff Girls aren't as cute as we expected...
So. We've came back to this small island. As for our dinner, we just had milo. And what's left for us, a full bag of clothes to wash...
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