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6th September: From Kundasang Back to KK~

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This day we have to leave Kundasang and go back to KK~ So early in the morning we woke up early and get ourselves done (p/s: The chalet has got SUPER DUPER lot of bugs! They just died everywhere - Tables, in your bags, all over the place... EEWWW!!!) It was freaking cold and no one (except for Cai Yi, Jiefu and Big Ears) wanted to bath early in that morning (no one bath last night except for the 3 person mentioned either)... This is what we saw in that morning... :-
Looks nice at the outside... ==" Totally different from what we saw during the night!
This is where we stayed.
The driver showed us some better place:-
The chalets are opposite and we need to cross the bridge again!
Hehehe don't you feel like wanna push both heads together? =p
Inside the lobby:-
*Ahem* You don't have to purposely curve your body, okie? I know I'm short... =="
Before we go back to KK -- National Park!
At the main entrance...
Another way of taking photo!
Now in the museum...
Remember these, our biology specimen? ;)
Time Capsule!!!
After that, we went to see squirrels~
Hey! Where's the squirrel?! It was there a minute ago!!! Heya cutie~
The other side:-
After a few hours of journey, we're finally back to the mainland... Before going back to the hotel, they request to go to a bakery shop to buy some bread... (They heard the bread there was the best):-
And this is the way they ate their bread in the hotel:-
Ah Shiang came to our room to check on us (XD) And painted my nails purple~♥ And they talked about Big Ears' sinus (Or flu...)
And this is how it looks like when you bring an empty bottle from the top of a hill to lower ground:-
After some resting, we decided to have a walk in a newly opened mall: Suria KK! PeiJie, Cai Yi, Big Ears and me went to have Kenny Rogers Roasters as dinner in the mall ♥
We took this when Big Ears went to buy movie tickets for Piranha and Cai Yi went out to make phone calls (It's LowerGround so it didn't have any line there!)
And this is the movie we watched:-
Well... It's still okie overall, but it would be better to watch the downloaded version than to spend your money to buy the ticket... The movie is too short the duration was like 1 hour or so and many scenes are censored and cut! ==
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