Tuesday, 14 September 2010

7th September: Stayed In KK

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This day we just stay in KK and didn't go anywhere else other than CP and Warisan Square. Cai Yi, Big Ears and Ying Ying went out earlier to have breakfast (They said they just wanna drink milo but at the end they had their breakfast and window shopping without waiting for PeiJie, Jiefu and me... T_T) Well it's okie, coz PeiJie had already ajak Uncle Alvin Yan and his gang to have breakfast together~ Uncle just came back from climbing Mount Kinabalu and he's having muscle sore, so he looked just like OKU when he walked XD
They couldn't decide what to eat, so they just walked into Old Town right away when they saw it:-
Jiefu waited for his noodle for sooooo long (we ordered noodles BUT then only realise it's just maggie mee... BOOM!) He just started to eat after we've finish our meal... After breakfast, we walked to CP:-
There we started our window shopping session~ Not long after that, the seniors asked whether we wanna watch movie or not, well I definitely said YES! ^^ So we went to the cinema and pass the student card to them to buy the ticket...
And here are our movie tickets!
We watched Step Up 3 (right) while only a few of them watched Cats and Dogs (left) Right after Step Up 3!
This movie is awesome! Great!
BUT the problem is the seats in the cinema... It made us itchy for the whole day... @@ Cai Yi and me went window shopping after the movie~ And we just managed to bought some clothes on sale! ^^ And after the shopping we sat in Secret Recipe to rest (It reminds me of someone treating Jann and me last time XD)
I have to say Cai Yi and her sis looks alike in this pic!!!!
Oreo Cheese cake and Macadamia Chocolate Cake~♥
After that, we continue to walk until Jiefu asked us whether we wanna go clubbing or sing k. Well we chose to sing k indefinitely~
Artists' photos on every wall!
So we've got a room, but it's not big enough at they only provide 2 mics for 10 person... =_____=
At first we just sat there and sang...
Keep eating and refuse to sing with mic even other people asked us to (I actually forgot why we made such expression XD)
And at the end just sang... ==
I just luuurrve Eacy's voice ♥!
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