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8th September: To The Beachside!

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YES! Today is the peak of the trip - ISLANDS! BEACHSIDE! SNORKELING! I've never did that before!!! Woohoo~!
Beach pants! Ready to go now~!
First stop - Sapi Island~!
The uncle that sent us there
Be prepared to get wet!
Woohoo~ I saw a lot of fishes!!!
That Cai Yi said she had girl's problem so she didn't want to get wet... But at the end she got down to the water too~! ^^
Alright, prepare to go for the 2nd island~
2nd Stop - Manukan Island!
Erm... Couldn't see any fishes here, the sea water is sooooo dirty... =( Look at what the seniors did!
Cai Yi and me has got nothing else to do... =p
Alright, going to the last stop!
Put some fish food on our feet to attract fishes towards us... It's just like fish spa!
Yes! Last stop - Mamutik Island!
Everyone's getting tired and the activities are almost the same... Playing with sands, snorkeling, and sunbath. That's it. So... We just get down to the water for awhile, and then play with camera~
Pity Ah B Gor Gor... XD
Then, Uncle Alvin Yan asked us to do such poses:
This "hiao~" is specially for Uncle Alvin Yan de XD
And that's all for the island... When we go back to hotel, Jiefu recommended us to check out the following store:
Their bubble tea's pearl is different from the normal bubble tea's! 小插曲1: 洛虹: 我问你们! 没有力的小女孩叫什么名字? (问题是从珍珠奶茶的杯子上找到的) 大家姐和大耳朵: 小薇! 姐夫: 不可以!!! 你们不可以直接讲答案! 要装 "Uh? 不懂 eh... 什么答案啊?" 大家姐和大耳朵: 喔, 是噢...? 姐夫: 再来一次! 大家姐和大耳朵: eh... 什么答案啊? 不知道 eh... (苦思...) 洛虹: ... That night, PeiJie, Remy, Ying Ying, Eacy, Big Ears, Jiefu, Cai Yi and me went to hunt for food. Other seniors went to Secret Recipe already. So, PeiJie followed them and she left us.
Some random shots...
This is where we had our dinner:
Their service is really... == I wonder do they really that busy to bother us... We've waited for a very very long time for our dinner! At the meantime...
Wakaka Remy said I have the 'princess' feel =p
Our food~
Don't know what's so special about the board.
So we stand in front of it instead XD
After that, we went to have a walk in CP (again...) Remy left us here coz he's tired already. But we didn't walk for too long too coz we need to go back the next day early in the morning while the other gang need to depart to Sandakan~ Since it's quite late already, nowhere and nothing to walk about in CP (=p) So we decided to watch movie again~! ^^
Ahaha... It seems to be on screen quite some time already =p
Well... I have to mention again, the seats are SUCKS! ~><~ I could feel the bug crawling over my legs and I saw a bug in front of my seat! EEWWW! But the movie is overall okie. =)
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